Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Would you Fetch?

Today, was a day, was a day, was a day, was a day, yeah I repeated that a few times so you'll remember it better. Repetition, repetition, repetition it's the way of the future, future, future. Anyway, I have no idea why I'm babbling on like a school girl probably because I've been too happy lately. I don't write well when I'm happy, I need to be depressed. Quick someone kick me in the family jewels.

So yeah probably the highlight of the day was at breakfast, at 2pm, when me and Mat were at the winter garden having lunch as we do. When he saw these pretty built up guys wearing tight clothes, and Mat is just like "Those guys are in a band." Being me, who enjoys the role of playing devils advocate, I chose the opposite opinion. So how did we solve this debate? Well Mat had the bright idea of walking up to them and asking. What a daunting idea, walking up to some random people and asking them if they are in a band. So there was a deliberation period, where he decided he would flip a coin and if it was heads he would do it, else he would just walk away.

It was heads.
Oh crap... best out of three
It was heads
Oh crap... best too three
It was heads

Like a sign from some ever present being he was thrown into the frey of three older guys who may or may not of been from a band. So he walked over there and was like "Hi, you guys look familiar are you in a band or something." and it turns out they were. So yeah, pretty randomly cool thing.

Random Country: Canada
Till Tomorrow

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