Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Human!

Powerslide, Explanation, and Pepsi Max... What do these things all have in common? Absolutely nothing. So why did I mention them? I have no idea. However, on the topic of stuff I have no stuff to talk about so I'll fill in this blog with a random jumble of tangents. Tangents are pretty cool things, it's what makes a story great, not the actual story but it's all the sub stories and side plots. Speaking of stories, I need to keep writing mine, it's starting to get dust all upon it. Of course that is figurative because there is no such thing as virtual dust or is there?

I had a pizza sub today, mmmm.... pizza sub. It was pretty awesome, it was like a feast for the senses. In fact I added peri peri and peanut butter. Well, OK not peanut butter but I did add peri peri and it was delightful. I should get into the pizza business, that would be fun, but I'd try and niche` the market place by having black jellybeans instead of anchovies, and then like old socks instead of pineapple. I could advertise it as the pizza that punches you in the face. I can vision the ad now some poor guy is sitting on the sidewalk eating a pizza which has a old sock encrusted in it and he takes a bite. As soon as he does he gets hit with a car. DAVE'S PIZZA IT'S IN YOUR FACE TO THE MAX!

Yup. It's official. Worst blog ever.I'll have something better tomorrow... or will I.
Random Adjective to Describe this blog: Pitiful
Till Tomorrow

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