Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Writing

I'll try and keep it short today, as I have written more on that story and it will be posted below. Again I have to bring up the point about people complimenting me this time, however, it's about my writing. I don't know why but it's so crazy when someone goes 'you're a good writer' because I don't know it's just weird to hear. I always say a writer is someone who describes hell, a good writer takes you to hell, and a great writer takes you to hell and brings you back with a scar. What's weirder though is that I go after praise, I ask the questions "Is this good?" and put myself in that position.

Anyway, I had my first baseball training sesson today and I must say... I am so unfit at present. I'm still huffing and puffing and I've been home for twenty minutes. I guess this is a sign I should start hitting the gym again. One thing I got to say about training, which goes for all games, was that I made this pretty awesome play. I was caught off guard, so I threw my body on the ground and at full reach I managed the pluck the ball out of thin air. Now that's not the interesting thing, the interesting thing is the state of mind that you have when you make such a play. It's what the buddhists call 'the flow' where you stop thinking and just exist as part of an external consciousness. It's real exciting, if you haven't done it, I reccomend you try it. It's like you black out for a second and then wake up with the ball in your glove.

So... yeah... story time. If you haven't read the first part it's on the 9th of August or

“Stranger? Miss, I’m sorry to say this but you’re going to be my wife” Richard replied.
“You must have me mistaken for someone; I’m just a simple baker” Flustered she tried to make sense of this situation.
“There is no mistake about it young miss. I see it in your eyes, I see it in that cheerful glow that surrounds you, and most importantly I see it in that smile. Yes, that smile” He paused for a second, choosing his words carefully, “it is the smile that reminds me of a picnic on the beach during the middle of summer, or listening to my favourite classical music whilst reading a novel. It is the smile that could light a pitch black room, or..”
Before he could continue, a man behind him interrupted.
“Are you going to order something or are we going to just stand here all day?” His anger wasn’t unwarranted, Richard had been at the head of the que for several minutes now and it was starting to grow. Taking this as a sign of his defeat Richard frowned, which he hadn’t done since he had entered the shop. He had failed again and that all too familiar feeling of disappointment came flooding back. His eyes, now with all signs of hope diminished, made there way back to the lady behind the counter.
“Sorry for the disturbance, miss. If it’s not too much trouble could I get a coffee” His once enthusiastic tone, dropped to a mere whisper.
“What flavour would you like” She asked her voice was also dulled as if weighted down by the situation at hand.
“Doesn’t matter” He moped as he turned his head to one side, breaking eye contact. The lady hurried off, moments later she came rushing back cup in hand. She cautiously handed it over to him.“Careful, it’s hot.” She warned, but Richard had zoned out his mind focused on the emptiness he was feeling. Will I always be alone? Am I destined to be alone? Am I cursed? These three questions ran circles in his head. Absent minded he reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet he thumbed through until he had his hand upon a bill. Twenty dollars he handed over. “Keep the change” He mumbled turning his back he headed for the table in the corner, in his hands he carried the most expensive coffee that he had ever purchased.

Last thing, if you want me to do anything like more stories, more humour, or more serious thoughts. Just send me a message, or email me. Whatever.

Random Excercise I had to do Today: Push Ups
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