Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Want To Be a Writer!

Interesting subject came up today in my tutorial, while in the discussion of what are some business ideas for a bookstore, it was SEX. Usually, I'm not one to argue when it comes to sex, in fact I'm all for it: despite my lack of. However, and this is a big however, when the topic comes from the mouth of my fourty year old tutor who looks so sickly like she may keel over and die with every breath... Well, that's where I draw the line. I'm not one to get disgusted easily, but let me tell you I was disgusted. I had that same feeling in my gut as the time I first watched Saw II and I don't say that lightly.

On the subject of that tutorial, it certainly was a weird one. For starters an absolutely gorgeous girl sat next to me. Which for most guys is not a weird thing, of course I'm not most guys, nor am I used to the idea of girls liking me. On top of that I talked to her but I was nervous so I couldn't think of anything even semi witty to say so I was like "Wow, your the second best looking thing I've seen all day" and you know she was gracious. She smiled and blushed, and then asked "What was the first?" to which I replied "The spoon which I used to shove cornflakes down my throat this morning." She laughed, that laugh that lifted the heavens then took of all her clothes and made sweet sweet love to me right then and there. OK, not all of that story was true, in fact I didn't even talk to her. However, it was still a positive experience.

Last thing about that tutorial (gosh, you must be thinking why the hell am I still reading about this dammed tutorial, doesn't seem that exciting) was that on the hour or so long train ride beforehand I did the required reading for the subject. Which was not that fascinating however as it turns out it was pretty much exactly what the tutorial was on. So I, having no knowledge of business whatsoever, was actually outsmarting these other people who had already had one semester full of it. I was impressive or at least I thought I was.

Oh and before I forget check out my mates band:
They are actually quite good, I can't wait till they release their album.

Random Sentence from Redwall: Both mice stared at the badger.
Anyway till tomorrow

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