Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well, today I had the bright idea of putting up a picture of something obscure and telling you guys that it was in the picture that I put up yesterday but you know what? I really can't be bothered. Just not in the mood. What I will tell you guys is a story, well not an actual story but story of whats been going on.

Okay so it begins when I found out that had a crush on this young girl, who was lovely, and things became complicated as she was travelling and I didn't know if I could get in touch with her to say 'hi how ya going.' Anyway it turns out I did and got to talk to her a bit but then I realised that I didn't like her at all. However, in her wake I found another person, who had been friends with in the whole ordeal and now I have now fallen head over heels for her.... I'm such a sucker for the cuties. Unfortunately, there is a bump in the road which is something I'll have to work around. For the moment though, I'm content. Will this be the end of my relationship troubles? I can only hope that it is.

So today I got distracted, I've been talking with her all day. That's the reason for the extremely late post. I'm sorry, call me a romantic but all I could think about was her. Totally forgot about my blog, and I'm sure all you guys/girls have been in the same situation.

Random Book on My Shelf: The Story of Philosophy

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be able to put up a decent blog hopefully with some pictures... yay.
Till Tomorrow

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