Saturday, August 25, 2007

Telephone Monkees!

Hey, sorry bout yesterday I was going for the 'lolwhat?' response but got the 'wth hell dave you suck' instead. Ughhh. Anyway stuff did actually happen yesterday, shock horror gasp, but I didn't feel like mentioning it.

Anyway, now that I do feel like mentioning it, lets review what happened! First off I must say that I hate (like hate hate) organizing stuff. Yet I find myself in a position where I have to organize a baseball team as well as organize a university group, which by the way still haven't contacted me after four days of trying to reach them. Which resulted in the following email:

Hey guys,
I have yet to hear from anyone, unless your name is "show her a good time", and since I assume that you guys check your email once a day, so it means one of the following:
I've got the wrong email addresses
No one has had any new ideas
or more negatively, no really gives a dam
I can understand that guys, but we really need to get this done, and done well. At the moment I can't assign anything to anyone because I haven't heard from you guys. So I expect that you guys all do a little research on every area mentioned in the previous email as well as any idea's you have.
We need communication.

Have a good weekend

Which is just not me. I'm not meant for this stuff, ARRGGGHHH! On the topic of angry-ness DAM YOU LISA DAM YOU! You see lisa is my cousin, and she said that my bro is her favourite cousin. BETRAYED! She's been demoted on my favourite cousin list thats for sure. I said it! You're not my favourite cousin any more. MUHAHAHA.

No one messes with dave.

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot. My dad cracked a funny yesterday he goes "Why isn't there any telephones in china? Because there are so many wings and wongs in the phonebook people would be winging the wong number." Me and my mum just look at him with this what the hell was that look on our faces. He must of thought we didn't get it so he repeated it. I was just turned to him and said "Dad it's not going to get funnier no matter how many times you repeat it."

Random Movie I Want To Watch: The Weather Man
Till Tomorrow

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