Friday, August 10, 2007

Batteries, Rum, and Pez

Work today and we all know what that means... an early start. Despite the begining today was again a great day. If you haven't heard Paris Hilton's grandpa removed her from his will, bye bye sixty million dollars. So in light of this tragedy, our work has set up the "Prevent Paris From Poverty Fund" in which people have generously donated items of all sorts, here is a short list of what has been given so far:
A packet of carrot seeds
Some pocket lint
A postage note with the word 'CLUE'... now she won't be so clueless
A broken pencil
Being in the giving mood, I donated a loose thread from my shirt and a chunk of polystyrene box I was smashing up. I know what your thinking... DAVE SAVE SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. However, when someone is in need I just have this urge to help.

Oh my, if you don't know whats going on the EKKA(brisbane show) is in town and this can only mean one thing:
WARNING: Children of all ages are on the train, make sure you bring mp3 player, earplugs, or if your really desperate ask the person next to you to bite your ears off.
Today it was insane, something crazy like three children to every person over twenty. It gets worse when they are all trying out bits and pieces from their show bag. So to what ever company gave them whistles. I hate you.

Last thing for today. My aunt and I watched Little Miss Sunshine and if you haven't seen it I do recommend it. It's a movie that is both funny and upsetting at once. Where the characters are so diverse and unreal that it doesn't matter who you are you can relate to them. Personally my favourite was Dwane or however you spell his name mainly because I too have gone through a similar thing. Anyway quick summary: A normal girl gets to go to the little miss sunshine contest, the story unfolds as their journey to the competition is filled with numerous obstacles both funny and saddening. However, what's so great about it is that you really get the feel for the characters, and they really are characters, and it's so fascinating to see how they react to each situation.

Random Drink: Coca Cola Zero
Till Tomorrow

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