Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Use the Anus!

Today, I donned a cape and wore my underpants on the outside as I became Babaganuush Master of the Condiments! Well actually my real name was Draco Wallace master of the underworld until one day I got shot in the backside with a salt dispenser and have never been the same since. Now, with my weapons of choice, mustard grenade and duel ketchup shooters, I have set off to give evil taste of the flavour of goodness!

So yeah, today, if you hadn't noticed was my enabling immersion class. Which is alot of fun, expanding the mind, brain, and head all at once. We have to watch Blade Runner and ExistenZ for homework. Gosh I hate homework, I mean once I'm home, I'm home (DUH!) but I don't like to mix the two work and home. If you any sort of sense from that I applaud you, because to be honest I have no idea what I just wrote.

Oh! Today I found out that something I really like in movies is Film Noir, which is like those old detective movies. Where they focus on the insignificant things, and what not. I think that's really cool, so I'm going to in corporate it into my game. So now it's looking like a modern cowboy mouse, going into a mansion in the desert and fights from room to room eventually reaching the big bad weasel who slew his father. The end fight will be something like, picture this in an attic where both Elrow and the Weasel are natural sizes wearing clothes and guns:
Elrow: "I'm here for your skull weasel"
Weasel: "You're going to have to kill me first"
Elrow: "That was the plan"
Weasel Laughs
Weasel: "How many beasts did you kill to get to me? You're no different from me, you're a cold blooded killer. However, and this is a big however, there is one difference. Care to guess?"
Elrow: "I don't know, you slept with your sister?"
Weasel laughs again, pointing at the door
Weasel: "What insolence, but no. The answer is that in ten minutes only I will be alive, and walking out that there door."
Elrow spits out his toothpick
Elrow: "Let's dance."

I hope that sounds as cool as it did in my head. Also I'm going to be putting up a new poll check it out... It'll be more of a feedback thing, to see what you guys like/don't like and so I can improve my blog to make it more interesting wooo.

Random Music in my Room: The Boomerang Boys (WTF?)
Anyway till tomorrow

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