Saturday, August 04, 2007

Girl I'm not to clever, I just adore you

Alright so the plan today was to draw up my character, my cowboy mouse, and then post it on my blog so everyone can go OOOOOO AHHHH. Except the problem came when I realised how bad my photoshopping skills are. Now, putting that on the back burner I've tried drawing it... not much better. So here I am in this conundrum of what to do. On top of that I've been changing my mind on how to portray my character as in looks and personality. Should it be like a modern day cowboy (Kill Bill, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun) or like an traditional western cowboy? Should it be hardened personality or open and free? It's like several tenis matches going on inside my head at the moment. Not much room for anything else.

Anyway as always my weekend blogs are kind of let down. However, that's no excuse for you not to get involved and vote in the new poll. In fact get your friends to vote as well, give them the link I want to see one million votes by next friday.

Random Game: Powerslide
Till tomorrow


tucKie said...

where's the they look demented option ? >_>

Dubsy said...

Sorry but I already used that button when I did the Which of Bob's relations look the best? Poll. Surprisingly it was so popular, that I didn't include it again. D:

tucKie said...

lol lies, these puppy's are still too young to be considered cute, they have ginormouse heads and demented jaws!

- s ŧ ё ρ ђ ۰۰ said...

i think your face is demented tuck D:

young = cute in some regards