Friday, August 17, 2007

For Me it's You

Oh my, another late post. My bad guys (who else would be to blame) really hard to keep coming up with things to yak on about but alas I've found stuff so sit back relax and enjoy!

Well tonight I found out somethings about my dad that I really don't like but since they are relatable I've made a list of 'don't you hates' so here it is:
Don't you hate it when someone calls your name but doesn't say what for.
Don't you hate when someone talks about the news like they can actually change it.
Don't you hate it when someone talks themselves when your sitting across from them.
Don't you hate when someone things that their life is so interesting, when you don't think so.
Don't you hate it when someone thinks that they are right even though they aren't.
Don't you hate it when your dog picks up his feces and carries it round the house.
Don't you hate it when your dog licks your face afterwards.

Alright so the last two weren't about my dad, but still you get the idea. On that subject who would of thought my EKKA winning dog would be in the business of a poo cartel. Moving his fecal matter from one spot to the next. IDEA. What if that's like a dog's version of money? I mean they do sniff each others behinds regulary, so maybe they are seeing whether a dog is rich or not. Just a thought but think about it.

Anyway I think I'll leave it at there for now, sorry bout the cruddy posting lately getting busy with university, games, and one incredibly cute lady.

Random Remnants of Food in My Room: Hedgehog Slice
Till Tomorrow

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hedgehog slice! -drool-
maybe u could put up pictures of ur dogs :]
Silly Ghengis!!