Thursday, August 16, 2007

Got to LOS Hunters

First off it's story time! Hey Ma! Get the confetti and marching band. Anyway.. this is the introduction to the Richard story which I've been working on.

The rain was coming down hard as one man fought against the powerful winds and battled the droplets from the sky. He struggled his way down the street, dodging from shelter to shelter in a half jog half walk limbo. This was all part of his newly formed self help exercise routine, however, he never factored in the weather. He rounded the corner; “only four blocks to go” he muttered under his breath, a white puff of condensation punctuated each word. Focused on the task at hand he ploughed on ahead.
“Morning, Richard” It was old Mrs Baker, she ran the local florist.
“Morning, Mrs Baker terrible weather we are having” He commented.
“Indeed it is, don’t go catching a cold now you hear” Her voice drifted off as Richard ran on. He enjoyed the meaningless morning banter between himself and Mrs Baker; it empowered him with a great feeling of affiliation. He continued on, concentrating on regulating his breath, planning out his day and calculating how many steps before he was back at his apartment. With all this on his mind, he didn’t notice that he was running so close to the wall, and he didn’t notice the door opening in front of him.
A whoosh of wind.
A bell rang.
Two bodies collided.
Richard sat there rubbing his head and it took him a second to realise what exactly had happened.

Not too much as you can see but I'm getting there.
Man I've been doing a few late blogs lately, just getting exhausted from uni and so forth. So my bad on that. Anyway, today was pretty cool we had this sound engineer come in for our guest speaker and he was like mucking around with some tools and showing us how it was done. He then made this car accelerating, or at least the sound of a car accelerating, and I was like "YEAH! do someone farting!" He didn't.... but it would of been cool.

The rest of the day I spent trying to find that spot in between steps, you know how you have second of freefall as your on one foot and your other foot is mid step coming down. I was playing around with that before, and it's a really weird feeling but more so it's a reminder that the best things in life are the little things, like a cute girls smile, or a childs laughter.

Anyway that's my ramblings for today.

Random Picture Drawn Today: A funny looking snake thing
Till Tomorrow


tucKie said...

you need some pictures

wall of text ftl :(

Dubsy said...

lol yeah, I'll do some tomorrow just for you.... that's on saturday!