Monday, August 20, 2007

Sailing the Great Seas!

Picture time, woo! okay so this first one is of the poo carrying moungrel named bear, or ru. Either way he carries his little pakages around and delivers them with deadly accuracy. You can see he is a sly little bastard, just look at his eyes! Anyway, for your information he is a japanese spitz, before you ask, pretty cute yeah? Would not expect him to be the messenger of faecal matter now would you... WELL YOU'D BE WRONG. We also found him urinating on his own dinner dish! Gives his flavourless meal that added zing.... maybe I should try it sometime.

Anyway, the big thing today was that I went and got my passport photos updated, but as you can see I really should of shaved first... well I actually did shave, just not that welll.

Did you know that in passport photos you're meant to have an emotionless face? I didn't and it sure was a surprise when he asked me. So you know I tried my best, but it ended up looking just like...

Nah, not really, I look like a convict or something; so sad. Apart from that though I'm still half destroyed from yesterdays training sessions, and tender in both my hammies (god I sound like my dad) but I'm bringing it up because I ripped my hamsting about four months ago. So it is a worry for me.

Also, I've now decided that sunday will be my emo day where I rant and complain or talk about all my emotions, so if you don't like it... Well don't read sundays.

Random Thing that I put in my Mouth today: Beer Coaster

Till Tomorrow


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