Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Defeat of Mr Winkle

Weekend, a delicous morsel of freedom after an overly exhuasting week, much like a moderately chilled alcholic beverage after a busy day out in the yard.... Don't mind me just stretching out the ol' vocabulary, pretending like I can actually write. Anyway today was kind of a sad day for me, with both my aunt and my mother leaving for japan. What's worse is that I didn't get to say goodbye to my mum. So if she reads this, and I doubt she will, Have a nice trip mum!

Something that has been on my mind since... yesterday. There was this lady who I work with, and she has this thing about commenting on the way I dress or the way I look for work. Anyway, I haven't shaved in a few days or well I have shaved leaving parts unshaved and thats not really interesting I know. What is, is the fact that she says to me "Hey dave, nice beard does that mean you have a girlfriend now?" What the hell sort of conclusion is that to come to. I mean does anyone else think beard equals girlfriend? I certainly do not, so it came as a shock when I said it and was about to give her a viscous tongue lashing of the verbal kind. However, I restrained and said "I wish" then ran to the bathroom and sobbed for a half hour.... that last part didn't happen.... or did it?

Finally, I didn't mention it yesterday but the career conselor that helped me out in my time of need, used my story yesterday as an inspiration for some kid. Which is kind of neat to hear about, from my perspective anyway.

Anyway I'm going to grab a beer, and I plan on doing some more writing tomorrow.

Random Movie that me and my Aunt watched: School of Rock
Till tomorrow

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