Friday, August 31, 2007

Hey You!

Steph is one sexy minx.

There I said it! You all knew it was coming... don't look at me like that. Anyway my day was alright, I chilled out, though I'm going to get pretty busy in a moment. As I have several emails to send off... Which are already several days late at the moment. I know, I know, I'm lazy don't hate me.

So yeah to sum up my day in the shortest amount of words possible: Wake up, cleaners, nate, kick ball, police squad, steph, and WoW. Eleven words, beat that! Actually that was only the major part of my day. Things I missed out was how I told my cousin if she sees any cute guys to give me a call (before you ask... it was a joke) and I ripped a hole in my poket so if you look closely you can see my boxers. Yay for some Nay for others.

Big news though is the upcoming rugby world cup I'm sooo looking forward to it. It will be awesome, I believe australia has a good chance to win it. So LET'S GOO!

So yeah thats all for today
Random Flavour of Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Anyway Till Tomorrow

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dog Spazz Yipee!

Alright, so today was like two hundred and forty one times better than yesterday... posibly more; but hey who's counting. Except, for the tutorial, and I gotta say 'man I hate unoriginality' well not really just when we are meant to be original. Like today we had to think of a situation for a game to take place, my idea was a football stadium taken over by a terroist group where you have people running and screaming everywhere. Like that's a pretty cool idea, but I wasn't chosen to put forth an idea so I didn't bother.

The people who were though... had this to say:
1. Hell (Wow original concept, haven't seen that in like every game)
2. Level 8 of S Block (Congratulations, you've just located where we are at the moment?)
3. Underground Tunnel (Need I say more?)

So much for being a creative course, aye?

Anyway I've taken it upon myself to call people 'gurt big bird bag' which by all means has no meaning at all. Well, actually, to get technical it's what the mole named Dinny calls owlybeasts and yonder eagles. So yeah, to celebrate finishing it, I have decided that to call people gurt big bird bags. Yipee.

So like tottally awesome, yeah alright?
Random Unoriginal Chump in my Class: Alex
Till Tomorrow

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


One word to sum up my day? Fuck. What a god damm awful day, I've just spent the last thirty minutes hitting walls, smashing desks, and screaming FUCK as loud as I can into my pillow. Yeah, it was that sort of day. It started this morning, when I could hardly sleep at all, then I forgot my pillow when going into uni. After that the lecture was pretty boring, followed some geeks in my class trying to start something, I fell asleep on a park bench. I then spent the entire train ride home standing in a corner, because two million highschool girls were hogging the seats. Then on the walk home it appeared that everyone and their mum's had a relationship and it made me feel even worse. Because now not only am I severly hating all of society as we know it, but now I feel alone, which by all means is a horrible thing to feel.

Now, you think thats bad? Wait for la piece de resistance. My dog ate my very expensive, very valuable, italian hand made beanie. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THAT?

Edit: Alright, thanks to steph, I've calmed down a bit and by a bit I mean alot. So let's look on the bright(well lesser dark)side of what happened today. I'll start with a cute asian lady talked to me on the bus, even if it was only to ask the difference between artist and artisan, it's a start right? Next was that I found one of my cousins on facebook, and I haven't spoken to her in like 8 years or something. So that will be pretty funky.

However the best thing that will come out of it all will be that I should be able to write something half decent on my story... yipee.

Anyway I'm going to go back to bed and hope that this whole fucking day was just a dream.
Random Girl Screaming on the Train: Veronica
Back tomorrow..... hopefully.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Would you Fetch?

Today, was a day, was a day, was a day, was a day, yeah I repeated that a few times so you'll remember it better. Repetition, repetition, repetition it's the way of the future, future, future. Anyway, I have no idea why I'm babbling on like a school girl probably because I've been too happy lately. I don't write well when I'm happy, I need to be depressed. Quick someone kick me in the family jewels.

So yeah probably the highlight of the day was at breakfast, at 2pm, when me and Mat were at the winter garden having lunch as we do. When he saw these pretty built up guys wearing tight clothes, and Mat is just like "Those guys are in a band." Being me, who enjoys the role of playing devils advocate, I chose the opposite opinion. So how did we solve this debate? Well Mat had the bright idea of walking up to them and asking. What a daunting idea, walking up to some random people and asking them if they are in a band. So there was a deliberation period, where he decided he would flip a coin and if it was heads he would do it, else he would just walk away.

It was heads.
Oh crap... best out of three
It was heads
Oh crap... best too three
It was heads

Like a sign from some ever present being he was thrown into the frey of three older guys who may or may not of been from a band. So he walked over there and was like "Hi, you guys look familiar are you in a band or something." and it turns out they were. So yeah, pretty randomly cool thing.

Random Country: Canada
Till Tomorrow

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Human!

Powerslide, Explanation, and Pepsi Max... What do these things all have in common? Absolutely nothing. So why did I mention them? I have no idea. However, on the topic of stuff I have no stuff to talk about so I'll fill in this blog with a random jumble of tangents. Tangents are pretty cool things, it's what makes a story great, not the actual story but it's all the sub stories and side plots. Speaking of stories, I need to keep writing mine, it's starting to get dust all upon it. Of course that is figurative because there is no such thing as virtual dust or is there?

I had a pizza sub today, mmmm.... pizza sub. It was pretty awesome, it was like a feast for the senses. In fact I added peri peri and peanut butter. Well, OK not peanut butter but I did add peri peri and it was delightful. I should get into the pizza business, that would be fun, but I'd try and niche` the market place by having black jellybeans instead of anchovies, and then like old socks instead of pineapple. I could advertise it as the pizza that punches you in the face. I can vision the ad now some poor guy is sitting on the sidewalk eating a pizza which has a old sock encrusted in it and he takes a bite. As soon as he does he gets hit with a car. DAVE'S PIZZA IT'S IN YOUR FACE TO THE MAX!

Yup. It's official. Worst blog ever.I'll have something better tomorrow... or will I.
Random Adjective to Describe this blog: Pitiful
Till Tomorrow

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Funny Faces on Magazine Titles

Yesterday I saw Die Hard 4.0...out of ten. Not being a die hard fan (wow dave nice pun, thanks dave you rule, love you, love you more, you little rascal). I missed alot of the whole "reason to watch" thing so I'll break it down into what I liked and didn't like.
- The semi-trailer action sequence
- The two hot ladies... yum yum.
- The guy who did la pakour (aka the hamster).
- The idea of the character John Mclain.

- The demonization of geeks/nerds/ and alike.
- The really really lame bad guy (He didn't even do anything nasty).
- The scene after they come out of the van... there is like 20 different shots through like one scene of dialogue. In one of the shots I don't think the lip syncing matched the dialogue. Which was very off putting for me.
- The whole trying to create suspense when the guy goes to push the delete button... it doesn't take me five minutes to push delete... why should he?
-The way Mclain's character was so retarded, whoever wrote the script should be shot for being a douchebag. Such a good idea for a character but so badly implemented.

Anyway, I talked to my friends they all said it was good. Mainly because they have seen the other movies and they all agree it was good. Mainly for the whole Yippiekai yai Motherfucker. Which was kinda cool, die hard fans won't be dissapointed.

Today's training wasn't so bad, I must be getting fitter... just barely. I'm still a slob.

That's all for today... yay for text.
Random thing to do with Baseball: Home Run
Anyway till tomorrow

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Telephone Monkees!

Hey, sorry bout yesterday I was going for the 'lolwhat?' response but got the 'wth hell dave you suck' instead. Ughhh. Anyway stuff did actually happen yesterday, shock horror gasp, but I didn't feel like mentioning it.

Anyway, now that I do feel like mentioning it, lets review what happened! First off I must say that I hate (like hate hate) organizing stuff. Yet I find myself in a position where I have to organize a baseball team as well as organize a university group, which by the way still haven't contacted me after four days of trying to reach them. Which resulted in the following email:

Hey guys,
I have yet to hear from anyone, unless your name is "show her a good time", and since I assume that you guys check your email once a day, so it means one of the following:
I've got the wrong email addresses
No one has had any new ideas
or more negatively, no really gives a dam
I can understand that guys, but we really need to get this done, and done well. At the moment I can't assign anything to anyone because I haven't heard from you guys. So I expect that you guys all do a little research on every area mentioned in the previous email as well as any idea's you have.
We need communication.

Have a good weekend

Which is just not me. I'm not meant for this stuff, ARRGGGHHH! On the topic of angry-ness DAM YOU LISA DAM YOU! You see lisa is my cousin, and she said that my bro is her favourite cousin. BETRAYED! She's been demoted on my favourite cousin list thats for sure. I said it! You're not my favourite cousin any more. MUHAHAHA.

No one messes with dave.

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot. My dad cracked a funny yesterday he goes "Why isn't there any telephones in china? Because there are so many wings and wongs in the phonebook people would be winging the wong number." Me and my mum just look at him with this what the hell was that look on our faces. He must of thought we didn't get it so he repeated it. I was just turned to him and said "Dad it's not going to get funnier no matter how many times you repeat it."

Random Movie I Want To Watch: The Weather Man
Till Tomorrow

Friday, August 24, 2007

No Dice!

So today was my lazy day, my day where I meander out of bed at like twelve o'clock which I did. Yeah, I know, how lucky am I? Very lucky, for more reasons than one (winks on the house) so for the rest of the very short day I spent doing assignments, WoW, and watching Police Squad. Which, by the way, is hilarious.

I got hungry for macca's today.

That's it.

Random Thing I Ate Today: Tomatoe
Till Tomorrow

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Rain Came Down, It's Wet

Of course it was wet you idiot! Anyway, it was wet windy and wild today. My three least favourite adjectives to describe the day that I just had. Though today I woke up like thirty minutes later than I should of thinking that my lecture was on at eleven and not ten like it was. So I ended up missing the train I would of caught to if my lecture was on at eleven, which made me even more late. I wasn't surprised when I arrived and the lecture hall was cleared, not a single soul to be seen. Then came the three hour wait until my tutorial, and it was only when I entered that I saw the sign. "ITB751 students all classes today are cancelled due to the teacher being sick." UGGGHHHHHH.

It wasn't all bad though, the rain came down when I was walking through the city and I pretended I was in one of those Noir movies I mentioned yesterday. Narrating on everything I saw, I came up with some pretty cool stuff... I think.
"The man in front of me is smoking, I hate smoking, he exhales and fills the air with toxic fumes; only for a second before they dissapeared. I sniffed, it was an illusion, the smoke was still there like all the greatest killers it was invisible and deadly. However, unlike the assassin's blade or the bullet from the snipers gun this killer doesn't kill you instantly. It takes it time, destroying you from the inside."
"To my left there were some poles they were short, green and countless, filling the street like an army of unmoving soldiers. This was the perfect portrayal of humanity, we are all the same"
"The sign had graffiti on it responsible was a force more powerful than an oncoming hurricane it was the degraded youth of the streets. They lived here, begging for food and money, anything to get by. Fortunately for me, I had both."

Lastly I saw a busker today except he was playing a tamborene and I was like what the hell? I mean he had no rythm just making a racquet. I was so tempted just to walk up to him give him a hundred dollars or so and say 'here mate go learn to play guitar."

Random Person I Talked to: Bob
Anyway till tomorrow

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Use the Anus!

Today, I donned a cape and wore my underpants on the outside as I became Babaganuush Master of the Condiments! Well actually my real name was Draco Wallace master of the underworld until one day I got shot in the backside with a salt dispenser and have never been the same since. Now, with my weapons of choice, mustard grenade and duel ketchup shooters, I have set off to give evil taste of the flavour of goodness!

So yeah, today, if you hadn't noticed was my enabling immersion class. Which is alot of fun, expanding the mind, brain, and head all at once. We have to watch Blade Runner and ExistenZ for homework. Gosh I hate homework, I mean once I'm home, I'm home (DUH!) but I don't like to mix the two work and home. If you any sort of sense from that I applaud you, because to be honest I have no idea what I just wrote.

Oh! Today I found out that something I really like in movies is Film Noir, which is like those old detective movies. Where they focus on the insignificant things, and what not. I think that's really cool, so I'm going to in corporate it into my game. So now it's looking like a modern cowboy mouse, going into a mansion in the desert and fights from room to room eventually reaching the big bad weasel who slew his father. The end fight will be something like, picture this in an attic where both Elrow and the Weasel are natural sizes wearing clothes and guns:
Elrow: "I'm here for your skull weasel"
Weasel: "You're going to have to kill me first"
Elrow: "That was the plan"
Weasel Laughs
Weasel: "How many beasts did you kill to get to me? You're no different from me, you're a cold blooded killer. However, and this is a big however, there is one difference. Care to guess?"
Elrow: "I don't know, you slept with your sister?"
Weasel laughs again, pointing at the door
Weasel: "What insolence, but no. The answer is that in ten minutes only I will be alive, and walking out that there door."
Elrow spits out his toothpick
Elrow: "Let's dance."

I hope that sounds as cool as it did in my head. Also I'm going to be putting up a new poll check it out... It'll be more of a feedback thing, to see what you guys like/don't like and so I can improve my blog to make it more interesting wooo.

Random Music in my Room: The Boomerang Boys (WTF?)
Anyway till tomorrow

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Matey Hey!

G'day, after yesterday's blog it became apparent that people got confused about my dogs. Well one person in particular (this will teach you to go clubbing!), so anyway I decided to post pictures of both of them and then play a game of spot the similarities.

Introducing Ghengis
and Bear.

They are both dogs.
Well that's all I came up with, how about you?
So today was an interestingly weird day. It was the day that I got the inv-asian group, which we got another member added. As it is at the moment it seems that we have three reliable members, myself included, and then two free riders. Who, by the way, failed to turn up today. Yippee! But the members who did seem hard working and pretty cool people, so it should be fun.... I hope. However, I think we mucked up on our idea we had to choose what sort of book shop we wanted to run. So we decided to do a travel book store, but as the tutor drifter round the room it sounded like everyone was doing the same thing. When it was our turn and we were asked, one of my team blurted out a foreign book store. Which may sound cool, it also sounds like alot of work. I really have no idea what I'm doing here.
Other than that, I'm finding I'm starting to get a few uni friends now. Which is cool, I wasn't really big into the whole uni friend thing in the first year.... Didn't help when I went to no tutorials/practicals, but still. You get the drift.
Lastly, I gave someone 30c so they could get home. Tempted by the thought of punching him in the face, kicking him in the balls, ripping off his pants, and taking his money. All whilst pointing and him and saying "You never ask for my money!" I decided against it and handed it over without too much of a fuss, he was grateful, but what do I care it's not like I'm ever going to see him again.
Random Mate I saw Today: Mat
Anyway till tomorrow

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sailing the Great Seas!

Picture time, woo! okay so this first one is of the poo carrying moungrel named bear, or ru. Either way he carries his little pakages around and delivers them with deadly accuracy. You can see he is a sly little bastard, just look at his eyes! Anyway, for your information he is a japanese spitz, before you ask, pretty cute yeah? Would not expect him to be the messenger of faecal matter now would you... WELL YOU'D BE WRONG. We also found him urinating on his own dinner dish! Gives his flavourless meal that added zing.... maybe I should try it sometime.

Anyway, the big thing today was that I went and got my passport photos updated, but as you can see I really should of shaved first... well I actually did shave, just not that welll.

Did you know that in passport photos you're meant to have an emotionless face? I didn't and it sure was a surprise when he asked me. So you know I tried my best, but it ended up looking just like...

Nah, not really, I look like a convict or something; so sad. Apart from that though I'm still half destroyed from yesterdays training sessions, and tender in both my hammies (god I sound like my dad) but I'm bringing it up because I ripped my hamsting about four months ago. So it is a worry for me.

Also, I've now decided that sunday will be my emo day where I rant and complain or talk about all my emotions, so if you don't like it... Well don't read sundays.

Random Thing that I put in my Mouth today: Beer Coaster

Till Tomorrow


Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well, today I had the bright idea of putting up a picture of something obscure and telling you guys that it was in the picture that I put up yesterday but you know what? I really can't be bothered. Just not in the mood. What I will tell you guys is a story, well not an actual story but story of whats been going on.

Okay so it begins when I found out that had a crush on this young girl, who was lovely, and things became complicated as she was travelling and I didn't know if I could get in touch with her to say 'hi how ya going.' Anyway it turns out I did and got to talk to her a bit but then I realised that I didn't like her at all. However, in her wake I found another person, who had been friends with in the whole ordeal and now I have now fallen head over heels for her.... I'm such a sucker for the cuties. Unfortunately, there is a bump in the road which is something I'll have to work around. For the moment though, I'm content. Will this be the end of my relationship troubles? I can only hope that it is.

So today I got distracted, I've been talking with her all day. That's the reason for the extremely late post. I'm sorry, call me a romantic but all I could think about was her. Totally forgot about my blog, and I'm sure all you guys/girls have been in the same situation.

Random Book on My Shelf: The Story of Philosophy

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be able to put up a decent blog hopefully with some pictures... yay.
Till Tomorrow

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Quick, have a good look at this picture, there is something extremely cool about it, if you stare at it for long enough.

Yay, it's been a week and my mum has returned from japan bearing gifts. It was great to see her, and great to see the gifts. I recieved a shirt, white in colour and on the back says 'keep away I'm dangerous' in japanese, and that was my gift. Though my mum felt bad because she didn't get me anything and I said don't worry bout it, if I wanted something I would go and get it myself. Alas she felt abit guilty, so she tried to pawn off a ring that she found onto me. However, I may wear a Mr. Messy t-shirt, but I do not wear rings! Well not yet anyway.

Not much else happened today, lounged round the playing games, as I do. Though to an extent, a very small extent, I do use games as sort of a research tool. Seeing how people react in different situations, it's definately going to be something that I will be doing in the future if I continue down this road of being a game designer. Anyway, that's about all for today... gosh my weekends are boring.

Random Sculpture on my Wall: Pig pitching a ball.

Till tomorrow


Friday, August 17, 2007

For Me it's You

Oh my, another late post. My bad guys (who else would be to blame) really hard to keep coming up with things to yak on about but alas I've found stuff so sit back relax and enjoy!

Well tonight I found out somethings about my dad that I really don't like but since they are relatable I've made a list of 'don't you hates' so here it is:
Don't you hate it when someone calls your name but doesn't say what for.
Don't you hate when someone talks about the news like they can actually change it.
Don't you hate it when someone talks themselves when your sitting across from them.
Don't you hate when someone things that their life is so interesting, when you don't think so.
Don't you hate it when someone thinks that they are right even though they aren't.
Don't you hate it when your dog picks up his feces and carries it round the house.
Don't you hate it when your dog licks your face afterwards.

Alright so the last two weren't about my dad, but still you get the idea. On that subject who would of thought my EKKA winning dog would be in the business of a poo cartel. Moving his fecal matter from one spot to the next. IDEA. What if that's like a dog's version of money? I mean they do sniff each others behinds regulary, so maybe they are seeing whether a dog is rich or not. Just a thought but think about it.

Anyway I think I'll leave it at there for now, sorry bout the cruddy posting lately getting busy with university, games, and one incredibly cute lady.

Random Remnants of Food in My Room: Hedgehog Slice
Till Tomorrow

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Got to LOS Hunters

First off it's story time! Hey Ma! Get the confetti and marching band. Anyway.. this is the introduction to the Richard story which I've been working on.

The rain was coming down hard as one man fought against the powerful winds and battled the droplets from the sky. He struggled his way down the street, dodging from shelter to shelter in a half jog half walk limbo. This was all part of his newly formed self help exercise routine, however, he never factored in the weather. He rounded the corner; “only four blocks to go” he muttered under his breath, a white puff of condensation punctuated each word. Focused on the task at hand he ploughed on ahead.
“Morning, Richard” It was old Mrs Baker, she ran the local florist.
“Morning, Mrs Baker terrible weather we are having” He commented.
“Indeed it is, don’t go catching a cold now you hear” Her voice drifted off as Richard ran on. He enjoyed the meaningless morning banter between himself and Mrs Baker; it empowered him with a great feeling of affiliation. He continued on, concentrating on regulating his breath, planning out his day and calculating how many steps before he was back at his apartment. With all this on his mind, he didn’t notice that he was running so close to the wall, and he didn’t notice the door opening in front of him.
A whoosh of wind.
A bell rang.
Two bodies collided.
Richard sat there rubbing his head and it took him a second to realise what exactly had happened.

Not too much as you can see but I'm getting there.
Man I've been doing a few late blogs lately, just getting exhausted from uni and so forth. So my bad on that. Anyway, today was pretty cool we had this sound engineer come in for our guest speaker and he was like mucking around with some tools and showing us how it was done. He then made this car accelerating, or at least the sound of a car accelerating, and I was like "YEAH! do someone farting!" He didn't.... but it would of been cool.

The rest of the day I spent trying to find that spot in between steps, you know how you have second of freefall as your on one foot and your other foot is mid step coming down. I was playing around with that before, and it's a really weird feeling but more so it's a reminder that the best things in life are the little things, like a cute girls smile, or a childs laughter.

Anyway that's my ramblings for today.

Random Picture Drawn Today: A funny looking snake thing
Till Tomorrow

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anniversary Special!

Forgive me if I start crying but, you see, today marks a special occasion for this poor ol' blogger. It marks the first of, hopefully, many months of daily blogging and trying to appease friends family and all you other people who I now hate (not really). So far I've had 188 individual views, which for me is insane. I mean honestly who would want to read about me, eh? Must be a bunch of sad sacks. Just kidding, you're alright. For me it's a huge daily morale booster, considering I was trying to use this place as somewhere to start some sort of fan base for my story writing, which by the way has been extremely slow to get going, I really didn't expect to get 10 individual views.

Anyway I'll keep it short today, hope all you folks in brisbane had a good people's day, if not I hope you skipped school/work and had a good day anyway. I know one person who did.

Random Tree: Pine Tree
Till tomorrow

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra

Alright, anyone who is easily disgusted just skip to paragraph two because the first paragraph (Spoiler Alert) is about a poo seen in a public toilet today, so big that deserved a mention. Some would say that poo was larger than life.

The term gigantic poo is one that is rarely used, in fact I don't think I've ever used it before. However, today I did see a gigantic poo. Disgusted? I was, this thing was the size of a water melon. I've seen babies smaller than this thing, and they say men don't know the pain of child birth. When I first laid my eyes on it was disgusted, I was outraged that someone had done a gigantic poo in the toilet I was about to use. Though after a while I went from disgust to amazement of the size of it. Oh my god, it was like the size of a two litre bottle of coke. How is that even humanly possible? Maybe it was alien poo.

In other news today we had to choose groups for our business management project I got stuck with asians again(Dammit). Not to say that I don't like asians, quite the opposite actually, but last time I had a group full of asians they did like zero work and whatever they did do was complete rubbish because it came out as gibberish. Which blows chunks, so I was pretty annoyed to get into another completely asian group. Specially when, again, their english is pretty poor. On top of that they arrived forty five minutes late to class and then buggered off forty minutes early. Not a good sign of things to come.

Good things today though include: Having enough time to eat breakfast and a cup of ice coffee, getting an sms from the cutest girl in perth so early in the morning, meeting up with a friend and watch him team kill in battlefield two, and then meeting up with another mate for lunch. Speaking of which check out his band: pretty interesting.

Random Middle Name: Norris
Till Tomorrow

Monday, August 13, 2007

Yeah You Must of had Heaps of Money

Today, was a day. What a revolutionary statement! Not that anyone said that, except me. However, maybe someone said it before who knows? Maybe someone has said everything before. Maybe nothing original exists anymore.


It's been a dreadful day in my writing, because I really, really, really could not think of a single thing to write. Which is partly the reason why this blog is so late to get up. Sorry bout that, don't hate... Don't hate I said, I see you looking at me like that. Anyway, I thought I'd just do something random and dog.

Get it, I know it wasn't that funny but still I got writers block. So hush. It all started when I got this idea for a killer analogy for my story, I wanted to say that Richard felt like a criminal awaiting the chair. Only more detailed and stuff but it turned out that it didn't quite fit the scene so now I've lost my vision.

Random Word in This Post: Only
Anyway till tomorrow

P.S. I hate the word tomorrow, I always want to spell it tommorrow. Just like remember, I like remeber better.
P.P.S. I also know that this is possibly the worst blog I've written.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Writing

I'll try and keep it short today, as I have written more on that story and it will be posted below. Again I have to bring up the point about people complimenting me this time, however, it's about my writing. I don't know why but it's so crazy when someone goes 'you're a good writer' because I don't know it's just weird to hear. I always say a writer is someone who describes hell, a good writer takes you to hell, and a great writer takes you to hell and brings you back with a scar. What's weirder though is that I go after praise, I ask the questions "Is this good?" and put myself in that position.

Anyway, I had my first baseball training sesson today and I must say... I am so unfit at present. I'm still huffing and puffing and I've been home for twenty minutes. I guess this is a sign I should start hitting the gym again. One thing I got to say about training, which goes for all games, was that I made this pretty awesome play. I was caught off guard, so I threw my body on the ground and at full reach I managed the pluck the ball out of thin air. Now that's not the interesting thing, the interesting thing is the state of mind that you have when you make such a play. It's what the buddhists call 'the flow' where you stop thinking and just exist as part of an external consciousness. It's real exciting, if you haven't done it, I reccomend you try it. It's like you black out for a second and then wake up with the ball in your glove.

So... yeah... story time. If you haven't read the first part it's on the 9th of August or

“Stranger? Miss, I’m sorry to say this but you’re going to be my wife” Richard replied.
“You must have me mistaken for someone; I’m just a simple baker” Flustered she tried to make sense of this situation.
“There is no mistake about it young miss. I see it in your eyes, I see it in that cheerful glow that surrounds you, and most importantly I see it in that smile. Yes, that smile” He paused for a second, choosing his words carefully, “it is the smile that reminds me of a picnic on the beach during the middle of summer, or listening to my favourite classical music whilst reading a novel. It is the smile that could light a pitch black room, or..”
Before he could continue, a man behind him interrupted.
“Are you going to order something or are we going to just stand here all day?” His anger wasn’t unwarranted, Richard had been at the head of the que for several minutes now and it was starting to grow. Taking this as a sign of his defeat Richard frowned, which he hadn’t done since he had entered the shop. He had failed again and that all too familiar feeling of disappointment came flooding back. His eyes, now with all signs of hope diminished, made there way back to the lady behind the counter.
“Sorry for the disturbance, miss. If it’s not too much trouble could I get a coffee” His once enthusiastic tone, dropped to a mere whisper.
“What flavour would you like” She asked her voice was also dulled as if weighted down by the situation at hand.
“Doesn’t matter” He moped as he turned his head to one side, breaking eye contact. The lady hurried off, moments later she came rushing back cup in hand. She cautiously handed it over to him.“Careful, it’s hot.” She warned, but Richard had zoned out his mind focused on the emptiness he was feeling. Will I always be alone? Am I destined to be alone? Am I cursed? These three questions ran circles in his head. Absent minded he reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet he thumbed through until he had his hand upon a bill. Twenty dollars he handed over. “Keep the change” He mumbled turning his back he headed for the table in the corner, in his hands he carried the most expensive coffee that he had ever purchased.

Last thing, if you want me to do anything like more stories, more humour, or more serious thoughts. Just send me a message, or email me. Whatever.

Random Excercise I had to do Today: Push Ups
Till Tomorrow

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Defeat of Mr Winkle

Weekend, a delicous morsel of freedom after an overly exhuasting week, much like a moderately chilled alcholic beverage after a busy day out in the yard.... Don't mind me just stretching out the ol' vocabulary, pretending like I can actually write. Anyway today was kind of a sad day for me, with both my aunt and my mother leaving for japan. What's worse is that I didn't get to say goodbye to my mum. So if she reads this, and I doubt she will, Have a nice trip mum!

Something that has been on my mind since... yesterday. There was this lady who I work with, and she has this thing about commenting on the way I dress or the way I look for work. Anyway, I haven't shaved in a few days or well I have shaved leaving parts unshaved and thats not really interesting I know. What is, is the fact that she says to me "Hey dave, nice beard does that mean you have a girlfriend now?" What the hell sort of conclusion is that to come to. I mean does anyone else think beard equals girlfriend? I certainly do not, so it came as a shock when I said it and was about to give her a viscous tongue lashing of the verbal kind. However, I restrained and said "I wish" then ran to the bathroom and sobbed for a half hour.... that last part didn't happen.... or did it?

Finally, I didn't mention it yesterday but the career conselor that helped me out in my time of need, used my story yesterday as an inspiration for some kid. Which is kind of neat to hear about, from my perspective anyway.

Anyway I'm going to grab a beer, and I plan on doing some more writing tomorrow.

Random Movie that me and my Aunt watched: School of Rock
Till tomorrow

Friday, August 10, 2007

Batteries, Rum, and Pez

Work today and we all know what that means... an early start. Despite the begining today was again a great day. If you haven't heard Paris Hilton's grandpa removed her from his will, bye bye sixty million dollars. So in light of this tragedy, our work has set up the "Prevent Paris From Poverty Fund" in which people have generously donated items of all sorts, here is a short list of what has been given so far:
A packet of carrot seeds
Some pocket lint
A postage note with the word 'CLUE'... now she won't be so clueless
A broken pencil
Being in the giving mood, I donated a loose thread from my shirt and a chunk of polystyrene box I was smashing up. I know what your thinking... DAVE SAVE SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. However, when someone is in need I just have this urge to help.

Oh my, if you don't know whats going on the EKKA(brisbane show) is in town and this can only mean one thing:
WARNING: Children of all ages are on the train, make sure you bring mp3 player, earplugs, or if your really desperate ask the person next to you to bite your ears off.
Today it was insane, something crazy like three children to every person over twenty. It gets worse when they are all trying out bits and pieces from their show bag. So to what ever company gave them whistles. I hate you.

Last thing for today. My aunt and I watched Little Miss Sunshine and if you haven't seen it I do recommend it. It's a movie that is both funny and upsetting at once. Where the characters are so diverse and unreal that it doesn't matter who you are you can relate to them. Personally my favourite was Dwane or however you spell his name mainly because I too have gone through a similar thing. Anyway quick summary: A normal girl gets to go to the little miss sunshine contest, the story unfolds as their journey to the competition is filled with numerous obstacles both funny and saddening. However, what's so great about it is that you really get the feel for the characters, and they really are characters, and it's so fascinating to see how they react to each situation.

Random Drink: Coca Cola Zero
Till Tomorrow

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Well Deserved Morsel

Alright I've had a extremely busy day, and I really don't feel like writing about it... I'm literally exhausted. So instead I'm going to post up something I wrote last night, and hopefully I will continue to write in the near future... Enjoy.

“Excuse me miss, if I were to say that you were beautiful I’m afraid that no matter the intricate metaphor, analogy, or simile I use. I would fall short. For your beauty, there are no such words in our language.” He said, as he dared a smile. It wasn’t like Richard to talk to girls on his own; in fact he hadn’t done so in the last three weeks and it’s not because Richard didn’t like the ladies. It was just that he had no luck when it came to those from the opposite sex, therefore, never daring to get involved. This all dated back to the third grade, when he told Mary Peckerwitz that he had a thing for her. Which they both should of seen coming, always talking, hanging around each other. She said no, without hesitation, and it was right then and there that Richard was forced to face the reality of life; like a passenger tossed overboard from the ship of dreams into the cold bitter waters of human drama.

“Well, aren’t you awfully kind for a stranger?” She replied, to the untrained eye she looked like any other asian lady who graced the earth with her presence. To Richard, she appeared an angel that had fallen from yonder star. Her hair was dark, moody yet soft; it had been straightened thoroughly and now it flowed from its roots gracefully like a rush water heading down stream. Her brown eyes shone out reminiscent of a refurbished light house, warm and loving, welcoming all those who were fated to look. She was covered from head to foot with soft toned skin, a gift given to her from her parents and at this moment Richard wanted to find them and thank them.

Random Thing I Learned Today: Polygons Suck

Till Tomorrow

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Underwater Monkey Pants

Another early morning... ugh when will they stop! Although I'm happy to report another fantastic day in the life of Dave. However I couldn't help but to notice that in this fantastic life of Dave that everyone was wearing a place name and year shirt. To be honest I was actually lost at the time I did notice this. So as I was watching the first guy passed "New York 03", I wonder where he is going I thought, the next guy passed "Tokyo 06", that's funny he doesn't look japanese, and then the third guy passed "Middle Earth forever" at this guy I chuckled because I thought that's what most people from my class would wear, so on that hunch I decided to follow him. Three minutes later we arrived.

Have you ever been in the situation where someone says "Your Funny" and your like "umm... ugh thanks?" Happens to me all the time, well not really but it did happen once so my point is still valid. As I was saying, I'm really (really really) bad at taking compliments. It's like you want to kill a conversation with me just go "Hey Dave you have a nice ass" and I'll be gobsmacked. I'm sure other people are the same, it's just so weird to hear people talk positive. (Here I go back on my soap box) There is too much negativity in the world at the moment I mean, death, destruction, famine, disease. It's all I hear about on the radio, tv and other forms of media. Frankly I'm boycotting the whole thing, I don't listen or read anything but sports now-a-days.

Ok, finally pet peeve for the day, errors in book. During my break, all three hours worth, I spent it reading my book Redwall, and really I got too immersed in the book and let my imagination get the best of me, because I laughed aloud, cringed, smiled, and other things one shouldn't be seen done alone. Anyway what annoyed me was there was a mistake, not just a small mistake like its instead of it's or something like that. It was the main characters name, I was shocked it was like someone had shook me hard. Like my mum trying to wake me up in the morning. All of my mental images of a heroic mouse were lost with the missing s on his name. So yeah I was annoyed.

Random Limb: Leg

Anyway till tommorrow

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Want To Be a Writer!

Interesting subject came up today in my tutorial, while in the discussion of what are some business ideas for a bookstore, it was SEX. Usually, I'm not one to argue when it comes to sex, in fact I'm all for it: despite my lack of. However, and this is a big however, when the topic comes from the mouth of my fourty year old tutor who looks so sickly like she may keel over and die with every breath... Well, that's where I draw the line. I'm not one to get disgusted easily, but let me tell you I was disgusted. I had that same feeling in my gut as the time I first watched Saw II and I don't say that lightly.

On the subject of that tutorial, it certainly was a weird one. For starters an absolutely gorgeous girl sat next to me. Which for most guys is not a weird thing, of course I'm not most guys, nor am I used to the idea of girls liking me. On top of that I talked to her but I was nervous so I couldn't think of anything even semi witty to say so I was like "Wow, your the second best looking thing I've seen all day" and you know she was gracious. She smiled and blushed, and then asked "What was the first?" to which I replied "The spoon which I used to shove cornflakes down my throat this morning." She laughed, that laugh that lifted the heavens then took of all her clothes and made sweet sweet love to me right then and there. OK, not all of that story was true, in fact I didn't even talk to her. However, it was still a positive experience.

Last thing about that tutorial (gosh, you must be thinking why the hell am I still reading about this dammed tutorial, doesn't seem that exciting) was that on the hour or so long train ride beforehand I did the required reading for the subject. Which was not that fascinating however as it turns out it was pretty much exactly what the tutorial was on. So I, having no knowledge of business whatsoever, was actually outsmarting these other people who had already had one semester full of it. I was impressive or at least I thought I was.

Oh and before I forget check out my mates band:
They are actually quite good, I can't wait till they release their album.

Random Sentence from Redwall: Both mice stared at the badger.
Anyway till tomorrow

Monday, August 06, 2007

This Flower Does Not Belong to Me

Wow, the Wi(lliams)No(rris) film festival has concluded.Me and my aunt watched five movies in a row, these included such titles as: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Donnie Darko, Big Fish, Pan's Labyrinth, and Cowboy Bebop the Movie. Pick of the litter has to go to Big Fish, I hadn't seen it before and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'll admit I had a bit of a teary eye during the ending. Basic overview of the movie is that a father raised his son of these unrealistic stories, however as it goes on the line between reality and fiction fade away. It was extremely well done, and as a personal note I learned something. That is: The most important thing in a story is the details, without them there is no immersion.

Now, for the rotten tomatoe I must say it is Pan's Labyrinth. I was dissapointed to say the least, considering it was so well received by audiences and critics alike. There was alot more violence and brutal behaviour than I anticipated. This movie, to me, seemed more like a piece of art (much like Babel) rather than a movie you would watch over and over again. Again a basic summary; A girl, who is brought up reading fairy tales, is given a chance to join fantasy world but has to pass three trials. The twist comes when we realise she is living during the spanish civil war. The highlight for me was the contrast between the two worlds: The real world this brutally honest place full of pain, betrayal, and discomfort, and then this fantasy was much the same with everything seeming dark, gloomy, and brutal. The fact that she had to choose between two evils was quite fascinating.

Other than that the other three movies were great, Donnie Darko is a real water cooler movie. Makes you ask questions, and got both me and my aunt into some real discussions about what was going on. The animation and action sequences in Advent Children is just out of this world spectacular, if you haven't seen it and love action I advise you check it out. Cowboy Bebop, well it's cowboy bebop what can I say? It's classic anime at it's finest.

I don't really have anything humourous add today since I really didn't watch much else but movies and on top of those five I'm going to simpsons movie in three hours. Crazy Time.

Random Shoe Brand: Brooks

Anyway till tomorrow

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Reagan Smash!

What a busy sunday, sunday is meant to be the day where you chill out and relax, or in just one word just chillax. However, today was not that day. To begin with one of my mates came over and we went out and threw a ball around, being the begining of the baseball it seems only natural that we would do this. Except when we got throwing I saw these kids skipping and boy did I get a killer urge to go play jump rope with them. I'm sure that would of been well recieved, a twenty year old boy playing jump rope.... uggghhh. People would stare, and people would judge, so nay! I shan't jump rope ever!... This is the part where I run away crying.

So from there the day progressed, slowly and horribly, as my dad decided 'I don't want to stay too long at this baseball meeting so I'll bring Dave along' little did he know that I actually had baseball tryouts there this morning. Aside: I'm really not big on trying out, I mean I just play for fun and my enjoyment rather than being all serious about it and I know I'm that good that if they had their way I would be put into a pretty decent team. It continues also when we arrive because since I was a coach last year it's automatically assumed that I'm going to coach this year. Which I was still undecided and still am. So I walk in and the first words I hear is "Hey Dave where were you this morning? Going to coach this year?" and bam! My entire day has just been destroyed. I then had to spend two hours sitting and doing nothing waiting for my dad to do this meeting, which by the way was not fun.

So by the end of it, I was angry to say the least. Not only had my entire day been ruined I am now signed up for coaching as well as expected to be at tryouts. In the car I was fuming, in my usual silent treatment way ofcourse, and here is my dad he must know I'm angry but still he is like 'My quadraceps are a bit tender' and I'm like what the hell old man can't you just let me be angry in piece. No, he had to consume the whole trip home with simple small talk, which on any other day I probably would have enjoyed, but I was not in the mood. Sometimes silence is the best option.

Random Kitchen Appliance: Blender

Anyway till tomorrow

Edit: Sorry bout the later post, I didn't want to write angry. When I do it all comes out like gibberish. D:

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Girl I'm not to clever, I just adore you

Alright so the plan today was to draw up my character, my cowboy mouse, and then post it on my blog so everyone can go OOOOOO AHHHH. Except the problem came when I realised how bad my photoshopping skills are. Now, putting that on the back burner I've tried drawing it... not much better. So here I am in this conundrum of what to do. On top of that I've been changing my mind on how to portray my character as in looks and personality. Should it be like a modern day cowboy (Kill Bill, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun) or like an traditional western cowboy? Should it be hardened personality or open and free? It's like several tenis matches going on inside my head at the moment. Not much room for anything else.

Anyway as always my weekend blogs are kind of let down. However, that's no excuse for you not to get involved and vote in the new poll. In fact get your friends to vote as well, give them the link I want to see one million votes by next friday.

Random Game: Powerslide
Till tomorrow

Friday, August 03, 2007

New Poll

After much debate last night I decided definately that it would be the topic of my new poll. So lets meet the contestants:

First up is Heart Kun: Notice the love heart on his back.

Second Contestand Mr Winkle

Now the question on everyone's mind is which one is cuter?

One Hundred Views Yahoo!

Pun of the day:
So me and my co-worker were in the van driving along, as you do, and the topic of the crummy old car clock came up. He explained that both himself and another worker had been trying forever to fix it but had no luck. So I thought I'd have a go, and as things turned out after about twenty or so minutes of trying I eventually figured it out (I know... I'm a genius, not really I did have help from the manual) and then my co-worker turned to me and asked "So how did you do it?" to which I replied "It was only a matter of time."
But I must say that the pun was ruined because he didn't get it. So there I was with this huge grin on my face and he is just like "Yeah... right anyway." Well either he didn't get it or it wasn't that funny.


After that I was in the mood for some more puns so when I saw my father and another man shaking hands just before lunch I walked in and said "Sorry for interupting this touching moment" I got a chuckle out of them.

Anyway in other news it's really an interesting time for me at the moment, I'm getting a look at where I come from. Like me and my aunt share alot of the same taste, taste in humour, taste in music, which is really cool because we have been watching alot of movies together. While on the other hand my dad is showing his serious side at work and at home. Which I can also relate to, it's facinating just to see how it all works.

Bald Eagle

Random Bit of Advice: Failure is the best place to start over again more intelligently. - Henry Ford

Till tomorrow

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Leg It!

Hey, so today was pretty awesome. It was one of those days where you wake up look in the mirror and go "Dave you are one sexy beast" and from that moment on be hypnotised by your reflection everytime you see it. If not, imagine you did, because that was my day. In total, I must have spent at least thirty minutes admiring myself. How weird? I agree. However not as weird as this lady who was cutting her fingernails in the middle of the botanic gardens. I was like 'wow they should put that in their advertising.'
The Botanic Gardens: A lovely spot where you can take your family and relax in the sun, play around with your friends, go for a delicous bike ride, or just stand on the path and cut your nails.... The Botanic Gardens has something for everyone.

So today was pretty awesome (I re-iterated that just so you'll remember it later) we had this guest game designer. Who had worked on Freedom Force, Happy Feet, and Splinter Cell, and he was heaps interesting. He talked about how people tried to apply unsuitable for a game and gave the example of adding stealth mechanics to bejeweled. Just imagine your playing the all of a sudden a gem comes out of the side of the board and BAM! Three of a kind. After that he was talking about his game and how you have three characters and when they stand by each other they explode.... wait a second that's bejewled. Anyway that was heaps fun, so thanks for the talk Morgan Jaffet!

On the train yesterday, although I didn't mention it I had another run in with a kid who liked the idea of early deafness again he had this tough guy attitude about him. Gosh, didn't he give me some filthy looks but I had to laugh at him oh I had to laugh. Because he was playing Britney Spears. What a douche.

Random Alcoholic Beverage: Bundaberg Rum
Ok so that wasn't really random... it's my favourite drink.

Anyway till tomorrow

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Always and Never

So the big story today has to be in my tutorial, we were given this activity to think of a character for a mainstream game. Meaning that the character has to be fit for merchandise, as well as spin off movies and tv shows. So just for a bit of fun, and actually a pretty cool idea, I made my character a clint eastwood cowboy mouse(something unique, yet immediately recognisable). Expanding on it, how cool would it be to have a duel in the middle of someones living room? Anyway the next part of the exercise was we had to find someone else and roleplay what would happen if our two characters met. Good idea in theory, however, the person I had to roleplay with made their character a cowardly half water half man piece of work. So our roleplay went a little like this.
Elrow Dent(My character): Howdy Stranger
Water man hides under a rock and dies of dehydration.
End Scene.
What the hell man, I mean seriously.

Another thing, the subway at kelvin grove really needs to learn how to toast their bread. I mean come on by the time I got it it was so crispy it could have passed or be used as the same polystyrene boxes I had to break up last friday. Honestly I could not think of anything I would not rather eat than one of their toasted sandwhichs for breakfast. I actually threw away the last of it because it tasted so horribly bad. It's actually lowered the low standards that I had for fast food.

Bler, I'm getting pretty slack with these blogs, not on purpose though. Just haven't got enough time at the moment. Anyway I got to draw up my clint eastwood mouse sometime so I'll post it up when it's done.

Random Piece of Clothing: A Pair of Pants
Till Tomorrow