Thursday, August 02, 2007

Leg It!

Hey, so today was pretty awesome. It was one of those days where you wake up look in the mirror and go "Dave you are one sexy beast" and from that moment on be hypnotised by your reflection everytime you see it. If not, imagine you did, because that was my day. In total, I must have spent at least thirty minutes admiring myself. How weird? I agree. However not as weird as this lady who was cutting her fingernails in the middle of the botanic gardens. I was like 'wow they should put that in their advertising.'
The Botanic Gardens: A lovely spot where you can take your family and relax in the sun, play around with your friends, go for a delicous bike ride, or just stand on the path and cut your nails.... The Botanic Gardens has something for everyone.

So today was pretty awesome (I re-iterated that just so you'll remember it later) we had this guest game designer. Who had worked on Freedom Force, Happy Feet, and Splinter Cell, and he was heaps interesting. He talked about how people tried to apply unsuitable for a game and gave the example of adding stealth mechanics to bejeweled. Just imagine your playing the all of a sudden a gem comes out of the side of the board and BAM! Three of a kind. After that he was talking about his game and how you have three characters and when they stand by each other they explode.... wait a second that's bejewled. Anyway that was heaps fun, so thanks for the talk Morgan Jaffet!

On the train yesterday, although I didn't mention it I had another run in with a kid who liked the idea of early deafness again he had this tough guy attitude about him. Gosh, didn't he give me some filthy looks but I had to laugh at him oh I had to laugh. Because he was playing Britney Spears. What a douche.

Random Alcoholic Beverage: Bundaberg Rum
Ok so that wasn't really random... it's my favourite drink.

Anyway till tomorrow

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