Friday, August 03, 2007

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Pun of the day:
So me and my co-worker were in the van driving along, as you do, and the topic of the crummy old car clock came up. He explained that both himself and another worker had been trying forever to fix it but had no luck. So I thought I'd have a go, and as things turned out after about twenty or so minutes of trying I eventually figured it out (I know... I'm a genius, not really I did have help from the manual) and then my co-worker turned to me and asked "So how did you do it?" to which I replied "It was only a matter of time."
But I must say that the pun was ruined because he didn't get it. So there I was with this huge grin on my face and he is just like "Yeah... right anyway." Well either he didn't get it or it wasn't that funny.


After that I was in the mood for some more puns so when I saw my father and another man shaking hands just before lunch I walked in and said "Sorry for interupting this touching moment" I got a chuckle out of them.

Anyway in other news it's really an interesting time for me at the moment, I'm getting a look at where I come from. Like me and my aunt share alot of the same taste, taste in humour, taste in music, which is really cool because we have been watching alot of movies together. While on the other hand my dad is showing his serious side at work and at home. Which I can also relate to, it's facinating just to see how it all works.

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Random Bit of Advice: Failure is the best place to start over again more intelligently. - Henry Ford

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