Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Matey Hey!

G'day, after yesterday's blog it became apparent that people got confused about my dogs. Well one person in particular (this will teach you to go clubbing!), so anyway I decided to post pictures of both of them and then play a game of spot the similarities.

Introducing Ghengis
and Bear.

They are both dogs.
Well that's all I came up with, how about you?
So today was an interestingly weird day. It was the day that I got the inv-asian group, which we got another member added. As it is at the moment it seems that we have three reliable members, myself included, and then two free riders. Who, by the way, failed to turn up today. Yippee! But the members who did seem hard working and pretty cool people, so it should be fun.... I hope. However, I think we mucked up on our idea we had to choose what sort of book shop we wanted to run. So we decided to do a travel book store, but as the tutor drifter round the room it sounded like everyone was doing the same thing. When it was our turn and we were asked, one of my team blurted out a foreign book store. Which may sound cool, it also sounds like alot of work. I really have no idea what I'm doing here.
Other than that, I'm finding I'm starting to get a few uni friends now. Which is cool, I wasn't really big into the whole uni friend thing in the first year.... Didn't help when I went to no tutorials/practicals, but still. You get the drift.
Lastly, I gave someone 30c so they could get home. Tempted by the thought of punching him in the face, kicking him in the balls, ripping off his pants, and taking his money. All whilst pointing and him and saying "You never ask for my money!" I decided against it and handed it over without too much of a fuss, he was grateful, but what do I care it's not like I'm ever going to see him again.
Random Mate I saw Today: Mat
Anyway till tomorrow

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