Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, I've survived another year on this planet. I guess I should be happy, things have changed since last time I was in this position. In hindsight, this is probably been the best year so far for me. I found myself a girlfriend, a good girlfriend who I am so madly deeply and truly in love with, which has been my new years resolution for the past five years. I got into the university course of my dreams, and am now looking down the barrel of a carrier choice of my preference which I still don't know what but I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Then there was the creation of this blog, my not-so-private getaway. Though it's still fun, and probably the most enjoyable part of my everyday. Then there are other little things like working full time, now before you say David you hate that job, I do and still do but I need money now more than ever. Coming off a huge spending spree over the last month a trip to perth + 400 dollars in presents.

With any luck next year will be just as good, if not better, when I get thrown head first into a writing course. Not to mention I have a another trip to perth coming up and then Steph's trip to Queensland later this year. I'm sure lots of other goodies will appear throughout the oncoming days though.

Anyway I hope you all get drunk, trashed, maggered, blotto, shit faced, and any other synonym for one of those prior because I know I will be.
Random Colour Highlighter: Yellow

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I don't know anymore, I have such a limited amount recreational time at the moment that I really don't want to spend it doing stuff I really don't want to do. However, it seems that I really don't have a choice in this matter. Majority of the time I'm just trying to keep people happy and satisfied. Leaving my free time, not so free. Welcome to the working life David, this is practically how most people spend their days. I can tell you right now it's not the life for me.

I'm in the process of getting a second trip to Perth. Though I'm kind of worried about it, not that I don't want to go. It's just things between me and Steph have changed since last time. I don't know if we are more or less stable. There are times when I do want to talk to her, and sustain her undivided attention though she is busy doing whatever it is she does. Then there are times when she just wants to talk, and I'm already pre-occupied with something or rather. It's this that have led to many break downs and arguments and all that nasty stuff. So yeah, in the end, I will go to Perth again, just to be with her once more.

That's all out of me
Random Dream: Dave Collison a Serial Killer?!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas: The Aftermath

Let's face it, Christmas is the one time of year people can afford to go crazy, we went so crazy we dressed up our dogs.

Bear as a doggy santa.

and Ghengis as a bumblebee.

This is all the stuff that I got, minus this laptop of course. I only got one pair of actual shorts. Notice the vodka, our family seems to be under the impression of that if you don't know what to get... Get alcohol. We got so much beer here we can start our own saloon if we wanted.

Not all fun and games though, Pauls paper hat broke... and well he was very upset.

I thought I'd join in on the festivities... seeing as it was christmas and all.

Anyway that's me for today
Random Gift: Boxer Shorts.
Till some time

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Say What?!

Todays uncontrolled and uncensored bitch session is about hypocrits - people who tell you not to do whatever it is that they are doing. Like those guys who say "Don't try this at home." and then they go break someones spine. Assholes.... I want to break someones spine. A little closer to home, my brother called me lazy. Yeah, OK, Mr Sit-On-My-Ass-All-Day-And-Play-Games while I go and work my ass off just to so I have enough money to get another couple of trips to Perth. I guess working a 8:30-4:30 job is considered being lazy.... (Yeah, I talk about my job alot. Mainly because it consumes my life at the moment, I don't really have enough time for more interesting activities.)

Another one is when people say "Don't say you're going to do something and then not do it." I bet you're familiar with that one, we all are.

I guess being hypocritical is just another way of being selfish, using an insult or telling someone off when it applies to you and then disregards the whatever in regards to them. Now to get on my soap box and yell to the world "STOP BEING SO SELFISH YOU BASTARDS!"

Till Tomorrow
Random Topping On My Lunch: Tomato!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Insight Number 246 (better than Dave's)

Any excuse to drink will do.

Like today. Except i don't really drink but there were people shoving shots in front of my face, so why not? The first drink of the day was a round of Yager bombs.

Yager bomb:
1. fill up a cup of red bull
2. fill up a shot of Yager
3. hand one each of these to everyone you think can drink (apparently me being 16 is counted as a drinking age)
4. start a countdown from 3
5. drop the shot in the glass with a squeal of excitement
6. scull it all down

Wasn't too bad because of the amount of red bull. Though I couldn't really scull that much so I gave the rest to my brother who had just arrived (my designated driver, oops). I spent the whole day at my sister's boyfriend's dad's place... In other words a house full of Thai people. Pretty much felt left out for most of the day as they mostly spoke Thai to each other, but it was better than spending the day my room.

There was only an air conditioning system in one of the rooms. Which was just great seeing as Perth was a scorching 40 degrees. I had a lot to drink today (not just alcohol) and it was surprising that being such a hot day I only had to pee twice. I mean, that's saying something right? My body needed all the water it could get because it was so hot! Or maybe I just have an enormous bladder? Evs.

Hope you enjoyed my rambling if only to a minimal extent.
Random present I received: Wallet (actually my only)

PS: My sister and her boyfriend got fluffy handcuffs an some sort of... paddle-like hitting device. Some other relative got a playboy bunny suit and another got a kinky blindfold and uhh some sort of kinky tickling feathers on a stick? xD I need to visit the shop in question to know what they're called. But anyway it was HILARIOUS! There was an on going chant from everyone "Open it, open it!" Damn Asian families are noisy. Looks like I'm writing another blog, better shut up D:

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Insight Number 245

Jumping in front of a moving car will have a negative effect on your health.

Well, for me christmas is officially over.It's funny how christmas is that one guilty pleasure that the majority share. We all love recieving presents. Especially good ones. Myself, I recieved two million pairs of boxer shorts, 3 pairs of socks, and a laptop. I hope you guys all got drunk, well fed, and over joyed from presents given and received. Christmas is the day you wait so long for and then it slips through your fingers.

At this point I'd like to send out a thanks and merry christmas for all those who've helped me throughout this year. In particular I'd like to give a thanks and merry christmas to Stephanie and her family and thanks for putting up with me, I know I can be a handful sometimes.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
Random Christmas Carol: Jingle Bells

It's Begining to Feel Alot Like...

It is ironic that in this month of christmas, the season of giving, where the spirit of selflessness should reign down supreme. That I find myself under attack from several people and their selfish ways. An instance of this is when me and my brother were out buying gifts and I was getting some bundy rum(the good stuff) for my dad, and my brother says "Don't get that or he'll say that we bought it for me." How can you think of that when you're clearly buying a gift for someone else? Have you seen any selfish acts lately?

Anyway I've decided that I'm going to cut down the size of my blogs. So they are more bitesize insights into my life than my life in it's entirity. In other news my emotions appear to be back under control, even though I still do severely miss my girlfriend (Stephy).

Lastly I wish ye all a merry ol christmas!
Random Christmas Cheer: Ho Ho Ho

Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Photos





Sorry not in the mood to write... pissed at Dave for not being himself >:

Random movie we hired out: V For Vendetta

Friday, December 21, 2007


Here are a few snapshots of my trip to Perth. It was a good trip and the city itself was strange and interesting at the same time. I was excited like a kid in a candy store. Never having been anywhere on my own before. It was an experience I won't soon forget.

Another plus from the trip is that I'm officially in a relationship with possibly the best girl this side of Saturn. I say that because we all know how crazy those girls from Uranus can be. Though yeah, Steph is great, and I know I'll make a fool of myself when I say that I'm in love with her but I don't care, I do love her.

On a downer though, I have have been depressed and emotionally unstable all week. It's like I've just had the best week of my life, an insight as to how my life should be. Then I come back to this, working 9-5 at a job you hate/don't need. Only being able to communicate with my girlfriend through the internet and by the time I finish work and come home I'm not really in the mood for anything but sleeping and complaining about how shit my life has become. Not to mention my mum and dad have been pissed off at me for the last three days. I haven't been able to go out.

I have returned to hell. Help Me.

Random Monkey in Perth Zoo: Pygmy Marmoset

Sunday, December 09, 2007

2 days

G'day guys, this will be my last post for the next one and a half weeks. Since I'm going over to Perth to see steph in a romantic journey. Which by the way I have just packed my suitcase and am still in disbelief that it is actually happening. Though in a way I'm happy, I finally get to meet the girl who haunts my dreams and enchants my reality.

With any luck things will go as planned and Steph will put up a couple of pictures of us hanging out at the least. Anyway, I need to go to sleep. I have work to go to tomorrow. Not that I'm going to be working as much as worrying, and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ken is going to be working, which reminds me to recharge my iPod.

Alrighty guys, I apologize since I've hardly been as entertaining as I could be the last couple of weeks. Alot on the mind, ya know. Though alast it's all coming to an end. So till I blog again I wish you all the best.

(In Arnie Voice)
I'll be back.
Random Thing I Wish I Didn't Have: A Broken Nose

Friday, December 07, 2007

4 Days

Sorry bout not posting lately, it seems the I have gotten a case of sinusitus and been having splitting head aches. Yesterday, I had to stop working and just sit there bathing in the pain extending from the the front part of the face. I had to drive the van like that, no surprise I almost hit two people, first guy deserved it though I had the right away he decided to speed up. What an ass.

Anyway Kate's last day yesterday, so in the spirit of QTAC lest we forget. I'll miss the gossip, and my confidant! Now who am I going to talk to about the Perth Experience? Certainly not any of you. That's for sure. Nah maybe if you're lucky. Well not really lucky, because I wouldn't like to be the one who I talk to about all my lovey dovey emotions. However, since you're reading this you probably understand what that feels like already.

Well, to be honest the last week has been hell, hence my MSN title. Majority of which I've been worried that I might to be able to go to Perth because of my condition or just worrying because so many things can go wrong with the trip. Though right now, at this very moment. I'm starting to think that everything is slowly coming together.

Random Person I Didn't Sit Next To: Ken
Till Tomorrow

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's Just Got To Be Pink!

Let's just say I'm glad todays over, I'll be glad when every day is over until next tuesday. It's just that everyday at the moment feels like hell, I haven't been eating, usually have crappy sleeps - you try waking up with a dry mouth, not the most fun, a painfully worrying feeling in my stomach more like my intestines have their own gravitational pull and is sucking my stomach inwards, and last but not least our good friend kate has resigned. On the brightside happy birthday Chris my demented other half.

On the better brightside, after next tuesday, I will be entering heaven, or what heaven must feel like, not that I believe in heaven or hell for that matter. Me, I like to believe in quatum physics woooo. Everyone has to believe in something, even if it's believing in nothing. Nothing is something, much like everyone is different that makes us all the same. Consider your mind blown.

Ever have one of those awkward impulses? Like trying to put your pants in the fridge, or throwing away a letter and keeping an envelope. I had one today, I was inches away from deorderising my tounge. I mean what the hell Dave, wake up son!

Anyway Till Tomorrow
Random Colour Tie: Red and Blue

Monday, December 03, 2007

Does it kill?

"Baseball is a mans sport, if a he can't take an elbow to the face than he shouldn't be playing." Yes, that's exactly what I was told when I was unconcious on the ground. It makes me furious, and disgusted at the same time. Here is a little segment from what my coach wrote about this incident which left me with a broken nose.

"I was Head Coach for the Redlands C-Grade team visiting the Nerangba Demons on Sunday the 24th of November. During the Game, our Pitcher David Williams was pitching a fantastic game, with the Demons extremerely frustrated with their hitting against our Pitcher. The Demons pitcher was a runner at 2nd base, and was caught in a Run-down play that David Williams created through a legal fake pick-off. The runner didn’t know where to run as he was between 2nd and 3rd base, with David Williams running at him and wouldn’t let the runner commit any direction with his hustle towards the runner. As David got within tagging range of the runner (coming directly from the pitchers mound) the runner raised his forearm violently into David’s face. David fell to the ground and didn’t move. We all ran out to him, we all noticed there was a pool of blood on the ground the size of a dinner plate, not just a couple of drips. The runner turned and continued onto the 3rd base, with the umpire calling safe. I told the umpire that the correct decision was for the runner to be called out at the very least, if not thrown out of the game. The umpire replied that this is “senior level Baseball” and the contact was legal. I replied to him that a forearm to the face was not legal, and if he needs to check David Williams blood all over his face, then he can for evidence. The umpire continued to say this was a “big boy’s game and at Senior level it was fine”. I helped David Williams off the field, went to the Scorers box to put a formal protest against the player involved and the umpire. I went back to check on David and only myself and his Father Walter Williams were in the dugout to stop the bleeding. We decided to get some Ice from the canteen for his mangled nose and lips."

Anyway my gut has been killing me all night, one week till I go to Perth. God dam, I'm so worried and nervous. Help me!

Till Tomorrow
Random Gift From Paul: Pink Tie

Where it Lies

I swear, I've never been so excited, worried, happy, and pissed off at the same time. It's like I'm a whirling dervish of emotion.My bro came back, he's fine, and hasn't changed that much. Still the weird gaming junkie he was when he left, except now he can speak Japanese. I had to write up a report for the tribunal, that was fun, I didn't know whether to play the innocent victim, or the tough guy. I think I ended up being somewhere in between, more reeling towards the victim part.

Eight days left till I leave for Perth, this is where the worried, frightened, yet excited and happy emotions come into play. With the latest news being I have a date with Steph and her Mother the first night in town. That will be interesting to say the least. Now, I'm definitely going to have to get her mother a present, though I need a gift that says "Thanks for letting me spend time with your daughter" while at the same time saying "I'm a nice guy who isn't an ass." I wish I chose a psychology major.

Lastly, me and some mates went and saw Beowulf tonight, and let me tell you the movies is nothing special. It's something that will wet your appetite but not let you eat. However, and this is a big however, the story was awesome. Then again everyone loves a good hero story, but this was of a different sort. Fantastic, if you're one for a good story check it out, or else I'd probably give it a miss.

That's All From Me
Random Quote Which Is Bound To Spread Across The Internet: I AM BEOWULF!
Till Tomorrow