Monday, December 03, 2007

Does it kill?

"Baseball is a mans sport, if a he can't take an elbow to the face than he shouldn't be playing." Yes, that's exactly what I was told when I was unconcious on the ground. It makes me furious, and disgusted at the same time. Here is a little segment from what my coach wrote about this incident which left me with a broken nose.

"I was Head Coach for the Redlands C-Grade team visiting the Nerangba Demons on Sunday the 24th of November. During the Game, our Pitcher David Williams was pitching a fantastic game, with the Demons extremerely frustrated with their hitting against our Pitcher. The Demons pitcher was a runner at 2nd base, and was caught in a Run-down play that David Williams created through a legal fake pick-off. The runner didn’t know where to run as he was between 2nd and 3rd base, with David Williams running at him and wouldn’t let the runner commit any direction with his hustle towards the runner. As David got within tagging range of the runner (coming directly from the pitchers mound) the runner raised his forearm violently into David’s face. David fell to the ground and didn’t move. We all ran out to him, we all noticed there was a pool of blood on the ground the size of a dinner plate, not just a couple of drips. The runner turned and continued onto the 3rd base, with the umpire calling safe. I told the umpire that the correct decision was for the runner to be called out at the very least, if not thrown out of the game. The umpire replied that this is “senior level Baseball” and the contact was legal. I replied to him that a forearm to the face was not legal, and if he needs to check David Williams blood all over his face, then he can for evidence. The umpire continued to say this was a “big boy’s game and at Senior level it was fine”. I helped David Williams off the field, went to the Scorers box to put a formal protest against the player involved and the umpire. I went back to check on David and only myself and his Father Walter Williams were in the dugout to stop the bleeding. We decided to get some Ice from the canteen for his mangled nose and lips."

Anyway my gut has been killing me all night, one week till I go to Perth. God dam, I'm so worried and nervous. Help me!

Till Tomorrow
Random Gift From Paul: Pink Tie

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