Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Insight Number 246 (better than Dave's)

Any excuse to drink will do.

Like today. Except i don't really drink but there were people shoving shots in front of my face, so why not? The first drink of the day was a round of Yager bombs.

Yager bomb:
1. fill up a cup of red bull
2. fill up a shot of Yager
3. hand one each of these to everyone you think can drink (apparently me being 16 is counted as a drinking age)
4. start a countdown from 3
5. drop the shot in the glass with a squeal of excitement
6. scull it all down

Wasn't too bad because of the amount of red bull. Though I couldn't really scull that much so I gave the rest to my brother who had just arrived (my designated driver, oops). I spent the whole day at my sister's boyfriend's dad's place... In other words a house full of Thai people. Pretty much felt left out for most of the day as they mostly spoke Thai to each other, but it was better than spending the day my room.

There was only an air conditioning system in one of the rooms. Which was just great seeing as Perth was a scorching 40 degrees. I had a lot to drink today (not just alcohol) and it was surprising that being such a hot day I only had to pee twice. I mean, that's saying something right? My body needed all the water it could get because it was so hot! Or maybe I just have an enormous bladder? Evs.

Hope you enjoyed my rambling if only to a minimal extent.
Random present I received: Wallet (actually my only)

PS: My sister and her boyfriend got fluffy handcuffs an some sort of... paddle-like hitting device. Some other relative got a playboy bunny suit and another got a kinky blindfold and uhh some sort of kinky tickling feathers on a stick? xD I need to visit the shop in question to know what they're called. But anyway it was HILARIOUS! There was an on going chant from everyone "Open it, open it!" Damn Asian families are noisy. Looks like I'm writing another blog, better shut up D:

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