Friday, December 07, 2007

4 Days

Sorry bout not posting lately, it seems the I have gotten a case of sinusitus and been having splitting head aches. Yesterday, I had to stop working and just sit there bathing in the pain extending from the the front part of the face. I had to drive the van like that, no surprise I almost hit two people, first guy deserved it though I had the right away he decided to speed up. What an ass.

Anyway Kate's last day yesterday, so in the spirit of QTAC lest we forget. I'll miss the gossip, and my confidant! Now who am I going to talk to about the Perth Experience? Certainly not any of you. That's for sure. Nah maybe if you're lucky. Well not really lucky, because I wouldn't like to be the one who I talk to about all my lovey dovey emotions. However, since you're reading this you probably understand what that feels like already.

Well, to be honest the last week has been hell, hence my MSN title. Majority of which I've been worried that I might to be able to go to Perth because of my condition or just worrying because so many things can go wrong with the trip. Though right now, at this very moment. I'm starting to think that everything is slowly coming together.

Random Person I Didn't Sit Next To: Ken
Till Tomorrow

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