Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's Just Got To Be Pink!

Let's just say I'm glad todays over, I'll be glad when every day is over until next tuesday. It's just that everyday at the moment feels like hell, I haven't been eating, usually have crappy sleeps - you try waking up with a dry mouth, not the most fun, a painfully worrying feeling in my stomach more like my intestines have their own gravitational pull and is sucking my stomach inwards, and last but not least our good friend kate has resigned. On the brightside happy birthday Chris my demented other half.

On the better brightside, after next tuesday, I will be entering heaven, or what heaven must feel like, not that I believe in heaven or hell for that matter. Me, I like to believe in quatum physics woooo. Everyone has to believe in something, even if it's believing in nothing. Nothing is something, much like everyone is different that makes us all the same. Consider your mind blown.

Ever have one of those awkward impulses? Like trying to put your pants in the fridge, or throwing away a letter and keeping an envelope. I had one today, I was inches away from deorderising my tounge. I mean what the hell Dave, wake up son!

Anyway Till Tomorrow
Random Colour Tie: Red and Blue

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