Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's Begining to Feel Alot Like...

It is ironic that in this month of christmas, the season of giving, where the spirit of selflessness should reign down supreme. That I find myself under attack from several people and their selfish ways. An instance of this is when me and my brother were out buying gifts and I was getting some bundy rum(the good stuff) for my dad, and my brother says "Don't get that or he'll say that we bought it for me." How can you think of that when you're clearly buying a gift for someone else? Have you seen any selfish acts lately?

Anyway I've decided that I'm going to cut down the size of my blogs. So they are more bitesize insights into my life than my life in it's entirity. In other news my emotions appear to be back under control, even though I still do severely miss my girlfriend (Stephy).

Lastly I wish ye all a merry ol christmas!
Random Christmas Cheer: Ho Ho Ho

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