Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas: The Aftermath

Let's face it, Christmas is the one time of year people can afford to go crazy, we went so crazy we dressed up our dogs.

Bear as a doggy santa.

and Ghengis as a bumblebee.

This is all the stuff that I got, minus this laptop of course. I only got one pair of actual shorts. Notice the vodka, our family seems to be under the impression of that if you don't know what to get... Get alcohol. We got so much beer here we can start our own saloon if we wanted.

Not all fun and games though, Pauls paper hat broke... and well he was very upset.

I thought I'd join in on the festivities... seeing as it was christmas and all.

Anyway that's me for today
Random Gift: Boxer Shorts.
Till some time

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Steph said...

I see hairy legs! xD