Sunday, September 30, 2007

Feeling like crap...

It disgusts me.

Life... that is. It's an uncontrollable beast that we ride, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, but it's always moving, always unpredictable. I'm disgusted with my life, I mean, I want to be a somebody. A somebody people respect, and look up too. Though how can anyone respect me? Soo much goes wrong, or doesn't add up. Maybe it's because I'm greedy, I want this, I want that. In the end I compramise with whatever get's thrown my way like the dog begging for his masters food scraps.

News update on the smoke machine, I found that despite it's smoking aesthetic that it did actually work. Hurray. That was, of course until 3pm today, when there was a long bang and it got disconnected. So I've had it for five days it's worked for two, the law of averages says that it should be working again tomorrow... I can only hope.

Once again, I've spent the night worrying; Life is a full time job. I have a lot of things on the go; Work, Uni, Coaching Baseball, Playing Baseball, A Relationship, and last but not least my Blog. So yeah I won't be running out of stuff to worry about anytime soon, unfortunately for me. Mostly I'm just worried that things won't work out for, and I'll be depressed and alone again. It's not a happy place.

Aspiring for a greater tomorrow
Random Desert Today: Hedgehog Slice
Till Tomorrow

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rugby Wooo

Oh my gosh, Lote Tuquiri just winked at the camera... I think my knees are melting, I always thought he had a thing for me. Though, I think he is cheating on me with my mate Big D. I will always remember the time we watched Australia vs Namibia and Lote was warming up on the sideline. Me and Big D had really awesome seats (like fives rows back from the try line) and Lote was warming up in front of us and Big D yells out "Hey Lote, I Love you!" Lote tried to hide his feelings but we all know he secretly feels the same way.

I think I'm going paranoid or maybe I've just been paranoid all along. Thinking things, weird things, like for some reason I want to make a hat out of mustard. Then, and only then, I can claim to be the master of condiments. It is my destiny, one day I will be knighted by the queen for my efforts in the area of table top sauces.... See what I mean?

I guess my PMS has settled, I feel less angst today. Going back into my emotional shell, which I'm sure you guys know how that feels. It's pretty much expected of society these days, especially with this new sub-culture the 'emos.' Now, you can barely feel emotions without neanderthals. I guess we are moving into a technological age, whether everyday people are being replaced from emotionaless machines. Evidence of this is everywhere, in my work we no longer use people's names, instead we use the date and time they submit their application. In such a civilisation is it any wonder that so many people are depressed/being depressed/about to be depressed.

That'll do me for today.
Random Player Playing For Australia: Adam Ashley-Cooper
Till Tomorrow

Friday, September 28, 2007


Let's face it, my brain needs an on/off switch. I really when there is no need, it stresses me guys. I mean there is too much to think about, and I'm trying to think of everything at once, my life, my future, my relationships, the people around me, and of course my sexy lady friend from perth. Gosh, if it wasn't for her you'd be reading another post about how exactly shit my day was and how pissed off I am at life. I mean, yeah, that would be more interesting but a hell of alot depressing.

Anyway I mentioned a guy named ken yesterday. He is my co-worker, but he is also the biggest wanker you'll meet. This self-righteous, arrogant, and all together awkward mofo is probably the so called master mind behind ruining my week. So let me do a summary of Ken:

- Over works, there is a difference between dedication and over working. What it is, I'm not really sure. Though he can sure demonstrate the difference, it's like he is on a constant caffine high. He always, always, rushes things causing so many mistakes it's not funny.

- Zero social skills, I said it, really I would rather listen to a blender for four hours straight, even more so I would rather hear a chorus of fully grown cats thrown into a washing machine, than one sentence out of this guy. Seriously, his introducory lines are like "I got real good paper folding skills." Which by all means would be great if he weren't being serious.

- Never gets my jokes, as you have probably picked up by now, I like to joke alot and you know one or two of them people don't get or find unfunny and that's no biggy. Though Ken, he doesn't get jokes his idea of a joke would be like " so the computer said 1010112." Not Funny.

- Arrogant, he honestly considers himself mightier than the rest of us, despite the fact that you could replace him with a mailbox and no one would be able to tell. I asked if he watched any sports and he replied saying 'he was too good for sports'.... yeah right.

Anyway, what pisses me off more than anything though is that this guy, this hopeless guy, actually has a girlfriend (albeit found at a magic the gathering contest) and I have gotten the shaft. I don't get it. I don't understand life or girls or dogs for that matter, should I even bother? Though it certainly leaves me wondering what is so wrong with me that no lady would touch me with a ten foot pole.

So to my (extremely) sexy lady friend in perth: You have enough beauty and brains to have any guy in this crazy world. Yet you want me, for reasons I really don't know, and for that I am grateful everyday I get to know you; you really are too good to me.

Anyway bed time for me, 5am wake up for that game tomorrow England vs Tonga. Go Tonga.
Till Tomorrow

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Way the Cookie Crumbles...

Another shitastic day on the dave express, running express from euphoria to frustration. I mean, really, what the hell? Do people really deserve to have such crap days? If so, what the hell have I done?!

Let's break it down into the three major "Piss me offs" for today:
1. Work, now work is normally shit by itself. Though today I had the pleasure of sitting next to ken, ken.. yes that ken, that 'you would have more fun talking to a wall' ken, that 'look at me neurotically pick at my skin' ken. Yup, this is ken, the person who is everything I hate compounded into one person. Persistantly trying to start conversations about topics that no one else but him seems to find interesting even though I'm staying silent and listening to my ipod to drown out his extra heavy breathing. Take a hint, man, seriously.

2. Finished work early to come and pick up an adapter for that piece of shit hard drive that my brother bought me. I get home plug it in, and what do you know? it explodes. I could of sworn he said he was sending me a hard drive.... not a smoke machine. So hey, thanks for the wonderful present, just on time as well it seems.

3. The fridge died, no dinner for me! Unless you include this half a pack of potatoe chips, and bottle of pepsi max. Not very filling, nor healthy, but everything else is either rotten or in the process of being rotten. In the process of the fridge dieing it also took with it the whole lighting of the house, meaning that we were in the dark for the better part of an hour.

Top it off, I realised I have at least two maybe three assignments to get done, and no time to do it. Good thing I have work tomorrow.... Anyway, although I've yet to really say it but at this moment, this very point in time.... My life is fucked. It only takes a series of unfortunate events to realise it.

I'm sad, angry, depressed so I'm off to bed. By that I mean I'm going to talk to the best thing I got going for me at this moment, Steph.
Random Compliment: Hey man, nice shirt.
Till Tomorrow

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Type of Monkey Would You Be?

I seriously need to stop being so busy all of the sudden, it's meant to be the holidays. It's almost ironic in the way that holidays, a time for all to relax, is my busiest time. It would be ironic... if it didn't suck so much. Today I realised just how unmotivated I am towards working at the moment, and the only thing that gets me through till the end of the day is thinking about all the better things I could be doing. For Example: Watch T.V.

In other news, I finally got my birthday present, a portable hard drive, from my brother today, FYI my birthday is 11/05/1987. Five months onwards and it arrives in my hands. Now whats really stupid, is that he didn't include a japanese to australian power converter or whatever it is. So now I have a 300 gigabyte paper weight, hurray.

I must give my brother kudos though because he must of searched high and low before coming up with most smelliest adhesive tape he could find and then covering every inch of the box in said tape. It was like a solo game of pass the parcel trying to open up that bad boy, which makes it all the more heart felt that the prize wasn't worth the effort... yet.

Hmm.. I'm been ragging on my brother a fair bit though I mean in my honest opinion he deserves it, at the very least. For starters, I've already filled up and sent him a hard drive... that didn't take five months. I've been paying for his World of Warcraft subscription for the past year, with nothing to show for it. The birthday presents I bought for him arrived ahead of his birthday. Now, he wants me to buy him an Xbox 360 and Halo 3 and send it over to him. Fat Chance.

Anyway I need to go to sleep 6:30am wake up.... yahoo.
Random Monkey Someone Wanted To Be: Silver Back
Till Tomorrow

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ten Minutes

What can a brother write in ten minutes?

Well, not much really, but it's all I got today. Woke up, went to work, going straight to baseball training, and then off to big d's place, then bed. What a retardedly busy day. Though I've decided to rename my blog malelookingforfuture now because it's really starting to worry me that I have nothing planned after I graduate. Maybe some magical inspiration will hit me, and I won't be so confused.... Hey, that's how I got to now, isn't it?

In other news today has been horrible, try talking to a person you find more boring than the work that you are actually doing i.e. making folders. Anyway lunch is over.

Random Thing I'd Rather be Doing: Talking to Steph.
Anyway till tomorrow

Monday, September 24, 2007

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda?

It's weird that now everything in my life is so right that I'm trying to find holes, flaws in my lifestyle. When set upon the monotonous tasks at work my mind wanders off probing my brain, spending hours upon hours looking for something that's wrong. Today, it found my future. It convinced me that I really have no idea what the future holds for me, it can go horrible wrong or beautifully right. I mean, I'm doing a games degree... Where is that going to lead me? I want to get into writing, but is my writing really that good?

Stop plaguing my mind.

It's occured to me today that I'm not really great at anything. Which is weird, most people are great at something. Me, I don't know, as it appears now I'm just good at alot of things. Only good, not great. It's kind of a depressing realisation, especially when you're considering your future at the same time. What can I do? Where can I go? I really don't know at the mount, I'm a passenger on the train of life waiting for my stop.... if it ever comes.

A quick summary of other things that I may have missed over the past few days:
- My Dad has left for china.
- The Wallabies won 55-12 against fiji.
- I had my first game of baseball yesterday, won 13-8.
- Forgot to blog yesterday, I planned to do it late, but fell asleep. My bad, no hexes please.
- My brother finally sent my birthday present (My birthday is in may, just so you know)
- I'm working for this entire week, so much for holidays.
- 400 views to this page, now if only that meant something.
- I've added a new feature, to all my friends blogs. So if you want someone/yourself up there give me a yell.

Anyway now that you're all filled in about the going ons of Dave. I've got to go to bed.
Random Catch Phrase: Six O'clock Wake Ups Fun For The Whole Family
Till Tomorrow

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fuzzy Little Man Peach.

Well, looks like everything is back on track. Which shouldn't be as weird as it feels, I mean the a relationship isn't about the fighting it's about the making up afterwards. I hope things can continue this way, or get better, for at the moment I am in this perpetual state of bliss.

Though let's face it. The honest truth is I'm a geek (no duh, I've got a blog that's a big hint right there) and I mean I can deal with that. Though I'm not you're typical average "Yay, this computer has 2mb of ram faster than my others" geek, I'm more of the "I love to play computer games" geek. Which causes me whole worlds of trouble. It's hard to explain, but try living in a home where your parent/society shuns the behaviour.

Lately I've been trying to get out of this way of life, though it doesn't seem to be working. I've been getting compliments from all the wrong people. Two guys, not one but two, have commented on my physique, one stating that I have muscley shoulders (say what?) and the other commenting on my abs. Where are all the girls complimenting me? Ughhh I swear it would be better for my self esteem if I turned gay.... Which I don't plan on anytime soon.

Anyway this wannabe writer is out
Random Noise I Heard Today: Whirrrrotploosh!
Till Tomorrow

P.S. If anyone knows where to find drivers for a ritmo usb camera, or knows how to install a ritmo usb camera, send me an email because seriously this thing is starting to annoy me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Good day, Bad day?

Sometimes I wonder, why did I get into a relationship in the first place? I mean the girl I’m head over heels for is insanely awesome (for want of a better word). I’m mean she is smart, cute, great sense of humour. Everything a decent guy like myself could ask for.

It’s put best by a quote from Kill Bill 2;
You're not a bad person.You're a terrific person.You're my favorite person. But every once in a can be a real cunt.

By this I mean something has happened to my lady, and she is real upset. I know she is upset, I want to help her but I just don’t know how. I’m not good at this relationship stuff, mainly due to lack of experience. I wish I was better, I wish I could help her. Though I just don’t know, at the moment it feels as though she’s just using me as an emotional punching bag. It hurts a great deal, but I’ll bear it.

It’s funny though, when you’re out of a relationship you only think of the good times you’d have in one. When you’re in you realize it’s not all sunshine and bunny rabbits. That’s where it sucks.

Anyway I’m off to mope some more
Random Beer I Drunk Today: Coopers
Till Tomorrow

Thursday, September 20, 2007

For You and You Alone!

True Love
She says she loves me.

Though I’m not sure anymore. The past two nights have been hell, she has hurt me as I’m sure I’ve hurt her; nothing deliberate. It’s taken a toll upon me. I’ve been walking slower today bogged down in a soggy marshland of deep thought.
It’s depressing.

I say I love her.

I mean it. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve lead a lonely life; not by choice. I’m a great guy, and I could take any girl I wanted, if only I had more confidence. “If only, if only” the words echoed throughout my head as if it were empty, each repetition punctuated by an extension of the frown on my face.

What can I do?

Hurray for an overly depressing piece of writing which I’ve been concocting up today in the back of my mind. I’m actually trying to practice emotionally responsive writing, though I doubt it worked. On the topic of writing, I was fool heartedly enough to sign myself up to write a story on Plato’s philosophies on Soul and Form. Although I have pretty much no idea on the subject… should be fun.

In other news, I got into a pretty cool group for my enabling immersion course, minus Zed’s unquenchable thirst for blood. It gets better when they actually enjoyed my crazy idea for the game and hopped upon the Dave Train, next stop Awesome Gamesville. So yeah yesterday was pretty awesome.

Anyway got to go to class now
Random Age: 36years 234 days 5minutes 58 seconds.
Till Tomorrow

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crazy Days

Yesterday was weak, weak in the way that it just didn't go the way I wanted it too. It started on such a positive note but went all downhill from there. I won't get into details but yeah I wasn't too happy with myself last night.

Today on the other hand has just been weird, people are literally throwing themselves at me and asking all sorts of questions. Some weirder than others, but all weird in general. It began when I logged on msn this morning and someone who I've been talking to alot actually asked if I had emotions. Wow, what a profound question. Do you breathe? Do you consume food? Yes, I have emotions, read my blog you dam woman!

However I see her point, I'm sort of like Ned Flanders (if I were to relate to a simpsons character) in the way that I sort of bottle up my emotions then they all come out at once. Probably not the healthiest way to deal with agression, but so far it works. That is not included the times where I have lost it in the past, then it's like waterfall of depressing emotions.... Not cool.

Next, I was asked if I thought public transport should be free before 7:00am. Of course I said yes, then she asked "why it would be good?" Though my immaturrity flared up and I responded with "Because you touch yourself at night." Not really, I was more dumbfounded and just said "Free is good."

Next, reading my book as I do passing three hours away before my tutorial. This girl, must of been russian (online bride perhaps), came rushing up to me. She held out this piece of paper and asked what it meant
"Reality T.V. has had it's day."
So then I put my poker face on and told her that it meant that John Howard should star in his own T.V. show. She smiled and nodded. Little did she know that I was joking, little did I know that she had to do a speech about the topic. As soon as I heard the word Howard in a thick russian accent, I knew I had to high tail it out of there.

Lastly, I just got asked (as I was writing this) if I was called Nathan. I hate that name, loathe it in fact. Don't ask; I have reasons. So I told him to go away and annoy someone else. Which he did, and the answerer gave the same response.

Anyway thats alot of text, I'll talk more tomorrow.
Random Ingredient on my Sub: Chicken
Till Tomorrow

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Your my Every Pen.

Over specialization is annoying, I never realised it until today. Given the task to tear apart some cardboard boxes, I went about it with tooth and claw (Hands and Feet, for all you humanoids). Until I came to this unrelenting sticky tape, so without doing a Bruce Lee Dragon Punch through it, which now I regret not doing, I went and asked for some scissors (Pronounced SKY - ZORS).
"Can I get some scissors please?"
"What for?"
"Cutting me up some boxes, Hyuck!"
"Theres a box cutter in the other room"
First off, what the hell is a box cutter? and why do I need it for such a simple task. Next we will have pens for pencils or something else ambiguously unnecessary.

One good thing having an incredibly monotonous job is that it gives you time to think about all the things in your life. Which isn't alot if you're me, but I mean. I got thinking about my relationships that I'm in and more so whether or not I deserve them. Particularly my male to female relationships. I mean, girls have always been my achilles heel, my one weakness, I've never really had a meaningful relationship and not through the lack of trying, believe me. I've always been the nice guy who they want to be around but not be with. Tis the story of my life, however, now I think I might of found someone though I really don't know how to act, react, or actually do anything for that matter.

So it ends with the question, how do I deserve this relationship? I don't know if anyone else gets this feeling but it feels like she is better than me. Maybe the whole girl conspiracy to commit Dave to single-dom has something to do with it. I just don't know.

Random Joke for the Day: Go conspirate in your office! (You had to be there, and yeah we were bored.)
Till Tomorrow

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unwanted Presents?

Why is it that to truly appreciate your own beauty you have to be someone else? That is to say that other people think more of you than you think of you. I mean, most of the people I surround myself are beautiful people, or just really strong on the inside. However, when you talk to them they are like "I'm not this, I'm not that." When really they are.

Yesterday I found that me old mate Dave C, has a zombie fetish. By that I mean he enjoys really low quality films with zombies. I sat through one, just barely though. Not in a rush to do that again. Toxic Avenger, a movie that made no sense what so ever. Possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen in a long while. I worry about Dave sometimes.

Finally, today we had this baseball game practice. It was pretty fun, I got to pitch against my own team members. That was pretty cool, but my arm was hurting so I couldn't hit full pace.... They were lucky. Though it was great I got to spend two innings pitching then spent of the rest of the game on the bench. This was good, only today, because it was just so bloody hot. However, just when I thought it was save Nicki had the bright idea of throwing the ball. Yeah, nice idea, thanks for the bruise on my shin....

Random Thing in my Pencil Case: Glue Stick
Till Tomorrow

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another New Post

I'm getting so lazy with my blog lately, don't know why, maybe the whole "Wooo I'm on the internet" thing has finally worn out. Well that and the other stuff going on in my very minimalistic life leaves me exhausted. Maybe I need to refocus on my blog a bit more, get some laughs, some crys, and maybe even some erotic dances out of it. Who knows? This is Australia after all.

Speaking of Australia tonight we play Wales in the Rugby World Cup, how exciting. It should be a good game, well, at least I hope so. Thinking about it, this should be the hardest game that australia will play before the finals. So yeah, lets hope for a good one that tests our countries rugby warriors and hope that they go out fighting and come on top.

Yes I am a Rugby Addict.

Lastly, I got bored today and tried playing my scratched up version of Killer 7. A game which I totally recommend as it is really freaky and magnificiently well done. I love the script it's that good guy vs bad guy routine where they are all full of these fantastic one liners. The mise en scene is awesome, it's like everything is dark and gloomy with these really manical laughs that honestly chill a coward (aka me) to the bone. It's also a unique game concept yet to be followed, similar to resident evil except you can only walk in straight lines. Anyway, great game try it out.

Random One Liner from Killer 7: May god smile, and the devil have mercy.
Till Tomorrow

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rabies and Babies!

I am so sick of people feeling each other up in public. It's disturbing, annoying, and kind of arrousing. Which you may be thinking "yeah thats awesome what's Dave on about" but let me tell you, the last thing I want on the train is to be turned on. I mean I just want to get from A to B as quick as possible, this does not entail being entertained by some pre-puberty un-romantic grope fest. Doesn't it just annoy you? Or is it just the lack of groping on my part which makes it oh so cruel to watch?

Finished my assignment today, huzah, bout time. Been working my ass off on it, so I'm glad it's out of the way. Anyway again I'm out of stuff to say, been hitting a mental blank lately. Computer games, and girls do that to you. Sucks to be a man sometimes, limited brain capacity you know. Now give me a beer and let me watch the rugby!

Random Movie that's out Now: Hairspray
Till Tomorrow

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jacket Hat

Howdy, tomorrow my assignment is due. I haven't done it yet, well I've done the majority I've just been having trouble with working my story game. However now I've got the idea, huzah for late inspiration. Though I do think I got a winner on my hands, basically what happens is that you relive one of the turning points of the main characters life. Where his parents are brutally murdered in a fire, and you walk through time and arrive just too late. Maybe this is an attempt of my sub conscience saying "DAVE YOU'RE AN ARSONIST."

Anyway had training today, kinda lame, wasn't nearly as exhausting as I expected it to be. Maybe I'm getting fitter.... yeah, right.

Man, I'm trying to come up with something funny but I failed. Sorry guys.

Random Thing I hate: Doing a crappy blog.
Anyway Till Tomorrow

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So yeah, like everyone else today. I woke up, did something and now I'm tired. Welcome to humanity I say. There was anything worth mentioning today. Well at least not that I can remember, which is kind of annoying in the way that your entire reality is based upon your memory.

Steph got me philosophising last night, if that is a real word I really don't know and at this point can't really be bothered checking if it is. Anyway it was a touching, interesting, moment figuring out all of lifes not so great mysteries. It was fun, until I got smashed by tiredness and my eyeballs fell out and rolled around on the carpet. It's alright though I picked them up and dusted them off in the morning.

Lastly, time to rag on my uni group for my BSB115 assignment we affectively two manned a five person assignment. Where one member dropped out, another member didn't turn up for the meetings so we put him in charge of the mission statement and well the quality was about the same as mouldy old cheese (the green stuff not the blue stuff). My last member, he was alright, though he missed the most important meeting then on the due day he sends me an email five minutes before the tutorial asking if he could help.... thats sort of.... yeah.

Random Food on My Desk: Water Crackers

Anyway Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today, as predicted, was exciting and very social. It all began with my walk to the train station, where Kate was kind enough to give me a lift (Yay, Kate). Then I met up with Mat and his crew for the lecture. After which I hooked up with my group Dangson and Lachlan. Now this is where things get a little messy, I left the tute with Dangson met Damien the going the other way(Which, sorry, couldn't go to the bar I had to train kids at baseball; though you'll read about that later). Then after that I lost Dangson, but met up with Ben and we walked and met up with Lachlan. Did I mention that I ran into Kate a second time today? Coincidence? maybe. Stalker? Definately. By the end of the day I was just like "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

It was weird, that even with all these people I still ate lunch alone. Probably a good thing because I was hungrier than something that has an endless apetite. Like a mouse at a buffet for kings.

I had my first training session tonight. Man what a disaster, I had four kids turn up (yay! another five and we will be set). It lasted for two hours and I realised just how bad they were. I think I may have died a little inside.

Anyway I'm Off
Random Tempreature: 26.5 degrees
Till Tomorrow

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hate Putting Stuff on My USB

Well yeah, today was one of those days where you know you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I spent the whole morning drinking nothing but water, then around lunchtime I was like "hmmm... I need something with a bit more substance" so I poured myself an ice coffee. From there I got this humungous headache and had to lie down for a while.

What a boring day.

Anyway something exciting is going to happen tomorrow I have no idea what yet, but it's going to happen. For starters I have my first training session with my new baseball team. Wooo for coaching... I guess.

Sorry for the bad blog, still feeling a bit crooked.

Random Thing I Wanted to Throw up Today: Pizza Sub
Till Tomorrow

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Knights, Brothers in Arms

New pet hate, when people know you but you don't know them. Happens to me all the time at baseball. They are like "hey, Dave" and I'm like " Hey.... you" I really don't know what else to say aye? It's like you don't want to hurt their feelings by saying "yeah I really don't know who the hell you are" so you just pretend that you know them and then get locked into this conversation where you have no idea whats going on.

Next, is singing in books. Ever notice how when writers put poems/songs in there books or what not they make no rhyme or song. Like I was reading this book and I tried reciting this poem in every which way I could, but alas no luck. Maybe I should contact there people and ask they write proper songs... lest I go insane.

Random Competitor to my Virtual Bookstore: All Foreign Bookshop
Anyway just a quicky today
Till Tomorrow

Saturday, September 08, 2007

In the Jungle

YEEHAW! Australia vs Japan is little less than two hours away, so if you're reading this at 11:30 my time. WATCH THE DAM TV YOU BASTARD! Yeah, I'm a bit of a wallabies fanatic. Ever since I went to the world cup in 2003, I've been a total addict. Anyway today I've been working on my Media Audit for my university project. For which I had to design a character and then warp a picture of a house, and extort a sentence about a cat and make a picture about that. So in no particular order, here it is:

Yay, thanks to Andrew for drawing my characters. They turned out pretty awesome in my opinion. Anyway, I'm going to go watch the rugby New Zealand vs Italy is on.... Wooo.

Random Saying in my Room: There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
Till Tomorrow

Dieing = Bad!

Oh my, I am getting lazy. Both yesterday and today have been posted on or around midnight. How disgraceful. Hate me, hate me, LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOVE ME LOVE ME! I like being crazy... sometimes. It's so monotonous trying to bend to the conventions that society has in place for us. That's probably the main reason I got out of IT. Too bland and not enough awesomeness.

Big news, in five hours the rugby world cup begins with France vs Argentina. Time to get your wallaby jumpers on and start drinking bundy and tooheys new and get your rugby groove on. Wooooo.

In other news, I've been running into people alot lately. I think I may have a giant magnet stored in my stomache or something. I've ran into Dave C and the now moless Mole (Aka Canada, Caragatta) which is pretty cool. On top of that developing a few circles of friends. So yeah at this moment life is sweet.

Random Pen Brand Name: Stablilo
Till Some Undetermined Time in the Future

Friday, September 07, 2007

I've Failed You All!

Oh my gosh, yesterday has been the first day in two months where I failed to write my blog. Shame on me, shame on me and I had so much stuff to write. For example: Last night I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum, awesome movie, the cinematography was just world class. I loved the little scenes like at the coffee shop where they showed the fingers dancing around the coffee cup. I enjoyed that. Also the fact that it was an action movie, but it wasn't based on fighting. It was more like a chess game, where bourne and his arch nemesi are constantly outwitting each other. So yeah go see it, you don't need to see the other two to get the plot.

Anyway, yesterday was sooo busy. University all day, then baseball training afterwards, in which I called in and got told "Hey dave you're the man!" and by the man he means the guy that everyone looks up to. Sort of like a team captain without a title, but imagine that me the most socially inert guy in the southern hemisphere a captain. Weird huh? What is this? bizarro world?

So yeah I'm about to enter the four day weekend of hell, two assignments due next week four days to do it. Can I do it? Maybe.

Random Person Who Attacked Me Today: Tim
Anyway till later today

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dance Like You Want To Win!

What's wrong with you people! Stop attacking me, first Bob on Warbook and now Big D with his bloody zombie. I hate you guys. Not really, feel the love! So yeah something that's been bugging me for a while is this jumper that my brother got for me in japan. Why I bring this up is because it has the words Black Music Groove Cocus, make no sense to you? Me neither, but it's still a cool jumper.

Today lots of stuff happened but I gotta go in like four minutes, so rush rush. Here is the output for todays project thingo thing. Tell me if you get immersed or not.

The sun beats down on a perfect mid summer day, you feel a fresh gust of wind blow through your fur. It tickles your ears and for a second you let out a guilty smile.

You take a moment to look around. To your right is a ignored meadow, the grass is in dire need of the cut. Its long strands dance in the wind as if it were performing an intricate ballet just for you. You stare for a while and lose yourself in the performance.

To your left you see Truna City, though it hardly lives up to its title. For you it appeared as just another modest town, harboring around four hundred people. The place stank of corruption and was run a gang who goes by the name 'The Super Killers' a group of rats, ferrets, stoats, and foxes. They came into the town several years ago armed with chaos and violence. They immediately took control of the city and now make honest families pay unreasonable taxes and punish them for any form of disobedience.

You sigh heavily at the realisation that you're going to have to go back sometime. A puff of smoke emerges from the rooftops, and you see Tommy come running.

Anyway I'm off to see Bourne Ultimatum.
Random Thing Written on the Toilet Wall: Be a Pirate. Drink Rum!
Till Tomorrow

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hey Matey Hey!

Steph was telling me how bear gets all the kudos, so I thought I'd dedicate todays post to a not-so-little dog named Ghengis. It was weird today, because when I came home he was there and I said "Yo dog, you the man" and I was thinking what if dogs could talk? Would he say "Yo man, you the dog" and I was like "Wow that makes sense. You know what ghengis you are a smart dog." Until I realised he didn't say it, that sorta upset me.

One of ghengies finer moments was when my bro threw a rock gently at him, and he picked it up in his mouth and tried to chew it. It wouldn't have been too good for his teeth but it certainly was funny.

There was this time, when my dad was putting in the pipes for the sprinkler system and ghengis didn't want any sprinkler system in his lawn. So he would chew through the pipes in disgust! Anyway Dad came up with the smart idea to cover the pipes with the most vile concoction known to man, and put me and paul in charge of created said mix... and we did. Coffee, tabasco sauce, milo, salt, you name it was there. Paul tasted the mix, couldn't handle the stuff. Ghengy he lapped it up as if it was water. Admittedly he spent the rest of the day getting the taste out of his mouth, but still he licked it up like it was nothing. I was amazed.

And who could forget the times where paul would spaz around on the ground and this dog would go feral at him. Biting him in every nook and cranny, paul would be writhing in pain on the ground and ghengis would be on him relentless. Then there was me almost spewing because I was laughing so hard.

Anyway that's our ghengis

Random Toy Ghengis Likes to Play With: Mr Snuggles

Till Tomorrow


Monday, September 03, 2007

Blogging it to the MAX

I LIKE CAPITAL LETTERS! Quite the opposite in fact, I hate it when people write it in capital letters it sickens me to the very core. Anyway I was mucking around in MS paint (as you do) and I drew like this scene of two guys having a game of tug of war. However, I accidently filled in
one bit and created this cool looking character.
I CALL HIM SIRICHO, he is the leader of a little cult organisation called Habitual Monkey Lickers of Hamli for short. Where is leading a small renegade band of hoodlands in a roaring campaign against the evil Frog Wallopers. However, in one of his many, many, adventures he got scared when he saw a teddy bear getting hit with a car and BAM! One of those slimy Frog Wallopers took this photo and is now using it to discredit him. It's on the local tabloid "SIRICHO DRUG TYPHOON" or on another "SIR ICHY OH!"

This is his battle, and he must fight it alone.... with his army.

Ok, so I got a little carried away.
Random Siricho Sidekick: Enbunone, A pig who can fly!
Till Tomorrow

Sunday, September 02, 2007


HOW DARE YOU?! Nah not really, I agree. Where are all my comments? Damm you people damm you! Really now, I'm not doin this for the comments, or for the small amount of glory... OK maybe a little bit for the small amount of glory. So yeah back on topic, people do go "hey dave read your blog pretty funny" or "Hey dave I love reading your blog" or in Bobs case "Hey dave your blog is shit." alot of peeps have said stuff just can't be bothered creating an account and posting.

But whatever, I can dig it. Shaft. Anyway so today I woke up expecting to go to training and completely destroy myself in the most painful way possible. However, it was cancelled, booo (sort of). I like getting fitter, but sorta just screws up my body at the moment... Yeah, I'm that unfit.

Oh my, I totally forgot my material for today. Yesterday I came up with some awesome stuff for today. Alas, no luck. My memory is so retarded sometimes, ever been in a test where you totally forget everything that you learnt throughout the semester and then remember it like an hour afterwards. That's me... all the time.

Random Phone Number: 3823 9854
Anyway that's all for today... I think.
Till Tomorrow

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weird Snake Like Things

OK, so yeah River Fire was tonight and it was awesome. For those who don't know, River Fire is like a brisbane fireworks festival which begins and ends with a dump and burn manoeuver performed by some sort of jet (please note that this trick is only legal in queensland... or so I'm told). It was a pretty crazy spectacle because they had fireworks coming off buildings as well off the barges in the river and well the river looked on fire, fancy that. Not that anyone was looking at the river though.

It was a great night, all except for one thing... My Dad.

Somehow he knows how to spoil a good occasion. Like tonight for example, I'm pretty sure he commented on every single fire work that they launched.
"Oh, that ones nice"
"So what?" laughs "So what?"
"Smokey.... Smoookey"
And so forth. It was extremely frustrating, I mean sometimes it's better just to sit and enjoy the silence. Being content with the moment. I guess that just isn't his style.

Anyway it's not a one off thing. For those who don't know there was a lunar eclipse on tuesday (I think) and the moon turned red. This is an event that happens only twice a century, so I went out onto the lawn and was just staring at this red moon and it got me thinking about all the deeper things in life. When my father comes out stands beside me, farts, and then goes back inside. Ughhhhhh.

Random CD brand: Imagination
Till Tomorrow