Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another New Post

I'm getting so lazy with my blog lately, don't know why, maybe the whole "Wooo I'm on the internet" thing has finally worn out. Well that and the other stuff going on in my very minimalistic life leaves me exhausted. Maybe I need to refocus on my blog a bit more, get some laughs, some crys, and maybe even some erotic dances out of it. Who knows? This is Australia after all.

Speaking of Australia tonight we play Wales in the Rugby World Cup, how exciting. It should be a good game, well, at least I hope so. Thinking about it, this should be the hardest game that australia will play before the finals. So yeah, lets hope for a good one that tests our countries rugby warriors and hope that they go out fighting and come on top.

Yes I am a Rugby Addict.

Lastly, I got bored today and tried playing my scratched up version of Killer 7. A game which I totally recommend as it is really freaky and magnificiently well done. I love the script it's that good guy vs bad guy routine where they are all full of these fantastic one liners. The mise en scene is awesome, it's like everything is dark and gloomy with these really manical laughs that honestly chill a coward (aka me) to the bone. It's also a unique game concept yet to be followed, similar to resident evil except you can only walk in straight lines. Anyway, great game try it out.

Random One Liner from Killer 7: May god smile, and the devil have mercy.
Till Tomorrow

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