Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hey Matey Hey!

Steph was telling me how bear gets all the kudos, so I thought I'd dedicate todays post to a not-so-little dog named Ghengis. It was weird today, because when I came home he was there and I said "Yo dog, you the man" and I was thinking what if dogs could talk? Would he say "Yo man, you the dog" and I was like "Wow that makes sense. You know what ghengis you are a smart dog." Until I realised he didn't say it, that sorta upset me.

One of ghengies finer moments was when my bro threw a rock gently at him, and he picked it up in his mouth and tried to chew it. It wouldn't have been too good for his teeth but it certainly was funny.

There was this time, when my dad was putting in the pipes for the sprinkler system and ghengis didn't want any sprinkler system in his lawn. So he would chew through the pipes in disgust! Anyway Dad came up with the smart idea to cover the pipes with the most vile concoction known to man, and put me and paul in charge of created said mix... and we did. Coffee, tabasco sauce, milo, salt, you name it was there. Paul tasted the mix, couldn't handle the stuff. Ghengy he lapped it up as if it was water. Admittedly he spent the rest of the day getting the taste out of his mouth, but still he licked it up like it was nothing. I was amazed.

And who could forget the times where paul would spaz around on the ground and this dog would go feral at him. Biting him in every nook and cranny, paul would be writhing in pain on the ground and ghengis would be on him relentless. Then there was me almost spewing because I was laughing so hard.

Anyway that's our ghengis

Random Toy Ghengis Likes to Play With: Mr Snuggles

Till Tomorrow



- s ŧ ё ρ ђ ۰۰ said...

I swear he looks like a fatfatghengy int he second photo >:

Dubsy said...

lies! he is a skinny binny unlike fatty stephy :P Nah I'm kididng you're fine and so is ghengy woo!