Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dieing = Bad!

Oh my, I am getting lazy. Both yesterday and today have been posted on or around midnight. How disgraceful. Hate me, hate me, LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOVE ME LOVE ME! I like being crazy... sometimes. It's so monotonous trying to bend to the conventions that society has in place for us. That's probably the main reason I got out of IT. Too bland and not enough awesomeness.

Big news, in five hours the rugby world cup begins with France vs Argentina. Time to get your wallaby jumpers on and start drinking bundy and tooheys new and get your rugby groove on. Wooooo.

In other news, I've been running into people alot lately. I think I may have a giant magnet stored in my stomache or something. I've ran into Dave C and the now moless Mole (Aka Canada, Caragatta) which is pretty cool. On top of that developing a few circles of friends. So yeah at this moment life is sweet.

Random Pen Brand Name: Stablilo
Till Some Undetermined Time in the Future

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