Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today, as predicted, was exciting and very social. It all began with my walk to the train station, where Kate was kind enough to give me a lift (Yay, Kate). Then I met up with Mat and his crew for the lecture. After which I hooked up with my group Dangson and Lachlan. Now this is where things get a little messy, I left the tute with Dangson met Damien the going the other way(Which, sorry, couldn't go to the bar I had to train kids at baseball; though you'll read about that later). Then after that I lost Dangson, but met up with Ben and we walked and met up with Lachlan. Did I mention that I ran into Kate a second time today? Coincidence? maybe. Stalker? Definately. By the end of the day I was just like "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

It was weird, that even with all these people I still ate lunch alone. Probably a good thing because I was hungrier than something that has an endless apetite. Like a mouse at a buffet for kings.

I had my first training session tonight. Man what a disaster, I had four kids turn up (yay! another five and we will be set). It lasted for two hours and I realised just how bad they were. I think I may have died a little inside.

Anyway I'm Off
Random Tempreature: 26.5 degrees
Till Tomorrow

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