Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Your my Every Pen.

Over specialization is annoying, I never realised it until today. Given the task to tear apart some cardboard boxes, I went about it with tooth and claw (Hands and Feet, for all you humanoids). Until I came to this unrelenting sticky tape, so without doing a Bruce Lee Dragon Punch through it, which now I regret not doing, I went and asked for some scissors (Pronounced SKY - ZORS).
"Can I get some scissors please?"
"What for?"
"Cutting me up some boxes, Hyuck!"
"Theres a box cutter in the other room"
First off, what the hell is a box cutter? and why do I need it for such a simple task. Next we will have pens for pencils or something else ambiguously unnecessary.

One good thing having an incredibly monotonous job is that it gives you time to think about all the things in your life. Which isn't alot if you're me, but I mean. I got thinking about my relationships that I'm in and more so whether or not I deserve them. Particularly my male to female relationships. I mean, girls have always been my achilles heel, my one weakness, I've never really had a meaningful relationship and not through the lack of trying, believe me. I've always been the nice guy who they want to be around but not be with. Tis the story of my life, however, now I think I might of found someone though I really don't know how to act, react, or actually do anything for that matter.

So it ends with the question, how do I deserve this relationship? I don't know if anyone else gets this feeling but it feels like she is better than me. Maybe the whole girl conspiracy to commit Dave to single-dom has something to do with it. I just don't know.

Random Joke for the Day: Go conspirate in your office! (You had to be there, and yeah we were bored.)
Till Tomorrow

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