Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So yeah, like everyone else today. I woke up, did something and now I'm tired. Welcome to humanity I say. There was anything worth mentioning today. Well at least not that I can remember, which is kind of annoying in the way that your entire reality is based upon your memory.

Steph got me philosophising last night, if that is a real word I really don't know and at this point can't really be bothered checking if it is. Anyway it was a touching, interesting, moment figuring out all of lifes not so great mysteries. It was fun, until I got smashed by tiredness and my eyeballs fell out and rolled around on the carpet. It's alright though I picked them up and dusted them off in the morning.

Lastly, time to rag on my uni group for my BSB115 assignment we affectively two manned a five person assignment. Where one member dropped out, another member didn't turn up for the meetings so we put him in charge of the mission statement and well the quality was about the same as mouldy old cheese (the green stuff not the blue stuff). My last member, he was alright, though he missed the most important meeting then on the due day he sends me an email five minutes before the tutorial asking if he could help.... thats sort of.... yeah.

Random Food on My Desk: Water Crackers

Anyway Till Tomorrow


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