Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Way the Cookie Crumbles...

Another shitastic day on the dave express, running express from euphoria to frustration. I mean, really, what the hell? Do people really deserve to have such crap days? If so, what the hell have I done?!

Let's break it down into the three major "Piss me offs" for today:
1. Work, now work is normally shit by itself. Though today I had the pleasure of sitting next to ken, ken.. yes that ken, that 'you would have more fun talking to a wall' ken, that 'look at me neurotically pick at my skin' ken. Yup, this is ken, the person who is everything I hate compounded into one person. Persistantly trying to start conversations about topics that no one else but him seems to find interesting even though I'm staying silent and listening to my ipod to drown out his extra heavy breathing. Take a hint, man, seriously.

2. Finished work early to come and pick up an adapter for that piece of shit hard drive that my brother bought me. I get home plug it in, and what do you know? it explodes. I could of sworn he said he was sending me a hard drive.... not a smoke machine. So hey, thanks for the wonderful present, just on time as well it seems.

3. The fridge died, no dinner for me! Unless you include this half a pack of potatoe chips, and bottle of pepsi max. Not very filling, nor healthy, but everything else is either rotten or in the process of being rotten. In the process of the fridge dieing it also took with it the whole lighting of the house, meaning that we were in the dark for the better part of an hour.

Top it off, I realised I have at least two maybe three assignments to get done, and no time to do it. Good thing I have work tomorrow.... Anyway, although I've yet to really say it but at this moment, this very point in time.... My life is fucked. It only takes a series of unfortunate events to realise it.

I'm sad, angry, depressed so I'm off to bed. By that I mean I'm going to talk to the best thing I got going for me at this moment, Steph.
Random Compliment: Hey man, nice shirt.
Till Tomorrow

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