Monday, September 03, 2007

Blogging it to the MAX

I LIKE CAPITAL LETTERS! Quite the opposite in fact, I hate it when people write it in capital letters it sickens me to the very core. Anyway I was mucking around in MS paint (as you do) and I drew like this scene of two guys having a game of tug of war. However, I accidently filled in
one bit and created this cool looking character.
I CALL HIM SIRICHO, he is the leader of a little cult organisation called Habitual Monkey Lickers of Hamli for short. Where is leading a small renegade band of hoodlands in a roaring campaign against the evil Frog Wallopers. However, in one of his many, many, adventures he got scared when he saw a teddy bear getting hit with a car and BAM! One of those slimy Frog Wallopers took this photo and is now using it to discredit him. It's on the local tabloid "SIRICHO DRUG TYPHOON" or on another "SIR ICHY OH!"

This is his battle, and he must fight it alone.... with his army.

Ok, so I got a little carried away.
Random Siricho Sidekick: Enbunone, A pig who can fly!
Till Tomorrow

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