Sunday, September 09, 2007

Knights, Brothers in Arms

New pet hate, when people know you but you don't know them. Happens to me all the time at baseball. They are like "hey, Dave" and I'm like " Hey.... you" I really don't know what else to say aye? It's like you don't want to hurt their feelings by saying "yeah I really don't know who the hell you are" so you just pretend that you know them and then get locked into this conversation where you have no idea whats going on.

Next, is singing in books. Ever notice how when writers put poems/songs in there books or what not they make no rhyme or song. Like I was reading this book and I tried reciting this poem in every which way I could, but alas no luck. Maybe I should contact there people and ask they write proper songs... lest I go insane.

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Anyway just a quicky today
Till Tomorrow

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