Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jacket Hat

Howdy, tomorrow my assignment is due. I haven't done it yet, well I've done the majority I've just been having trouble with working my story game. However now I've got the idea, huzah for late inspiration. Though I do think I got a winner on my hands, basically what happens is that you relive one of the turning points of the main characters life. Where his parents are brutally murdered in a fire, and you walk through time and arrive just too late. Maybe this is an attempt of my sub conscience saying "DAVE YOU'RE AN ARSONIST."

Anyway had training today, kinda lame, wasn't nearly as exhausting as I expected it to be. Maybe I'm getting fitter.... yeah, right.

Man, I'm trying to come up with something funny but I failed. Sorry guys.

Random Thing I hate: Doing a crappy blog.
Anyway Till Tomorrow

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