Sunday, September 02, 2007


HOW DARE YOU?! Nah not really, I agree. Where are all my comments? Damm you people damm you! Really now, I'm not doin this for the comments, or for the small amount of glory... OK maybe a little bit for the small amount of glory. So yeah back on topic, people do go "hey dave read your blog pretty funny" or "Hey dave I love reading your blog" or in Bobs case "Hey dave your blog is shit." alot of peeps have said stuff just can't be bothered creating an account and posting.

But whatever, I can dig it. Shaft. Anyway so today I woke up expecting to go to training and completely destroy myself in the most painful way possible. However, it was cancelled, booo (sort of). I like getting fitter, but sorta just screws up my body at the moment... Yeah, I'm that unfit.

Oh my, I totally forgot my material for today. Yesterday I came up with some awesome stuff for today. Alas, no luck. My memory is so retarded sometimes, ever been in a test where you totally forget everything that you learnt throughout the semester and then remember it like an hour afterwards. That's me... all the time.

Random Phone Number: 3823 9854
Anyway that's all for today... I think.
Till Tomorrow

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