Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dance Like You Want To Win!

What's wrong with you people! Stop attacking me, first Bob on Warbook and now Big D with his bloody zombie. I hate you guys. Not really, feel the love! So yeah something that's been bugging me for a while is this jumper that my brother got for me in japan. Why I bring this up is because it has the words Black Music Groove Cocus, make no sense to you? Me neither, but it's still a cool jumper.

Today lots of stuff happened but I gotta go in like four minutes, so rush rush. Here is the output for todays project thingo thing. Tell me if you get immersed or not.

The sun beats down on a perfect mid summer day, you feel a fresh gust of wind blow through your fur. It tickles your ears and for a second you let out a guilty smile.

You take a moment to look around. To your right is a ignored meadow, the grass is in dire need of the cut. Its long strands dance in the wind as if it were performing an intricate ballet just for you. You stare for a while and lose yourself in the performance.

To your left you see Truna City, though it hardly lives up to its title. For you it appeared as just another modest town, harboring around four hundred people. The place stank of corruption and was run a gang who goes by the name 'The Super Killers' a group of rats, ferrets, stoats, and foxes. They came into the town several years ago armed with chaos and violence. They immediately took control of the city and now make honest families pay unreasonable taxes and punish them for any form of disobedience.

You sigh heavily at the realisation that you're going to have to go back sometime. A puff of smoke emerges from the rooftops, and you see Tommy come running.

Anyway I'm off to see Bourne Ultimatum.
Random Thing Written on the Toilet Wall: Be a Pirate. Drink Rum!
Till Tomorrow

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