Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rugby Wooo

Oh my gosh, Lote Tuquiri just winked at the camera... I think my knees are melting, I always thought he had a thing for me. Though, I think he is cheating on me with my mate Big D. I will always remember the time we watched Australia vs Namibia and Lote was warming up on the sideline. Me and Big D had really awesome seats (like fives rows back from the try line) and Lote was warming up in front of us and Big D yells out "Hey Lote, I Love you!" Lote tried to hide his feelings but we all know he secretly feels the same way.

I think I'm going paranoid or maybe I've just been paranoid all along. Thinking things, weird things, like for some reason I want to make a hat out of mustard. Then, and only then, I can claim to be the master of condiments. It is my destiny, one day I will be knighted by the queen for my efforts in the area of table top sauces.... See what I mean?

I guess my PMS has settled, I feel less angst today. Going back into my emotional shell, which I'm sure you guys know how that feels. It's pretty much expected of society these days, especially with this new sub-culture the 'emos.' Now, you can barely feel emotions without neanderthals. I guess we are moving into a technological age, whether everyday people are being replaced from emotionaless machines. Evidence of this is everywhere, in my work we no longer use people's names, instead we use the date and time they submit their application. In such a civilisation is it any wonder that so many people are depressed/being depressed/about to be depressed.

That'll do me for today.
Random Player Playing For Australia: Adam Ashley-Cooper
Till Tomorrow

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