Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Type of Monkey Would You Be?

I seriously need to stop being so busy all of the sudden, it's meant to be the holidays. It's almost ironic in the way that holidays, a time for all to relax, is my busiest time. It would be ironic... if it didn't suck so much. Today I realised just how unmotivated I am towards working at the moment, and the only thing that gets me through till the end of the day is thinking about all the better things I could be doing. For Example: Watch T.V.

In other news, I finally got my birthday present, a portable hard drive, from my brother today, FYI my birthday is 11/05/1987. Five months onwards and it arrives in my hands. Now whats really stupid, is that he didn't include a japanese to australian power converter or whatever it is. So now I have a 300 gigabyte paper weight, hurray.

I must give my brother kudos though because he must of searched high and low before coming up with most smelliest adhesive tape he could find and then covering every inch of the box in said tape. It was like a solo game of pass the parcel trying to open up that bad boy, which makes it all the more heart felt that the prize wasn't worth the effort... yet.

Hmm.. I'm been ragging on my brother a fair bit though I mean in my honest opinion he deserves it, at the very least. For starters, I've already filled up and sent him a hard drive... that didn't take five months. I've been paying for his World of Warcraft subscription for the past year, with nothing to show for it. The birthday presents I bought for him arrived ahead of his birthday. Now, he wants me to buy him an Xbox 360 and Halo 3 and send it over to him. Fat Chance.

Anyway I need to go to sleep 6:30am wake up.... yahoo.
Random Monkey Someone Wanted To Be: Silver Back
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