Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crazy Days

Yesterday was weak, weak in the way that it just didn't go the way I wanted it too. It started on such a positive note but went all downhill from there. I won't get into details but yeah I wasn't too happy with myself last night.

Today on the other hand has just been weird, people are literally throwing themselves at me and asking all sorts of questions. Some weirder than others, but all weird in general. It began when I logged on msn this morning and someone who I've been talking to alot actually asked if I had emotions. Wow, what a profound question. Do you breathe? Do you consume food? Yes, I have emotions, read my blog you dam woman!

However I see her point, I'm sort of like Ned Flanders (if I were to relate to a simpsons character) in the way that I sort of bottle up my emotions then they all come out at once. Probably not the healthiest way to deal with agression, but so far it works. That is not included the times where I have lost it in the past, then it's like waterfall of depressing emotions.... Not cool.

Next, I was asked if I thought public transport should be free before 7:00am. Of course I said yes, then she asked "why it would be good?" Though my immaturrity flared up and I responded with "Because you touch yourself at night." Not really, I was more dumbfounded and just said "Free is good."

Next, reading my book as I do passing three hours away before my tutorial. This girl, must of been russian (online bride perhaps), came rushing up to me. She held out this piece of paper and asked what it meant
"Reality T.V. has had it's day."
So then I put my poker face on and told her that it meant that John Howard should star in his own T.V. show. She smiled and nodded. Little did she know that I was joking, little did I know that she had to do a speech about the topic. As soon as I heard the word Howard in a thick russian accent, I knew I had to high tail it out of there.

Lastly, I just got asked (as I was writing this) if I was called Nathan. I hate that name, loathe it in fact. Don't ask; I have reasons. So I told him to go away and annoy someone else. Which he did, and the answerer gave the same response.

Anyway thats alot of text, I'll talk more tomorrow.
Random Ingredient on my Sub: Chicken
Till Tomorrow

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new poll please :]
hopefully it won't be as much of a failure like the last.