Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, I've survived another year on this planet. I guess I should be happy, things have changed since last time I was in this position. In hindsight, this is probably been the best year so far for me. I found myself a girlfriend, a good girlfriend who I am so madly deeply and truly in love with, which has been my new years resolution for the past five years. I got into the university course of my dreams, and am now looking down the barrel of a carrier choice of my preference which I still don't know what but I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Then there was the creation of this blog, my not-so-private getaway. Though it's still fun, and probably the most enjoyable part of my everyday. Then there are other little things like working full time, now before you say David you hate that job, I do and still do but I need money now more than ever. Coming off a huge spending spree over the last month a trip to perth + 400 dollars in presents.

With any luck next year will be just as good, if not better, when I get thrown head first into a writing course. Not to mention I have a another trip to perth coming up and then Steph's trip to Queensland later this year. I'm sure lots of other goodies will appear throughout the oncoming days though.

Anyway I hope you all get drunk, trashed, maggered, blotto, shit faced, and any other synonym for one of those prior because I know I will be.
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