Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Rain Came Down, It's Wet

Of course it was wet you idiot! Anyway, it was wet windy and wild today. My three least favourite adjectives to describe the day that I just had. Though today I woke up like thirty minutes later than I should of thinking that my lecture was on at eleven and not ten like it was. So I ended up missing the train I would of caught to if my lecture was on at eleven, which made me even more late. I wasn't surprised when I arrived and the lecture hall was cleared, not a single soul to be seen. Then came the three hour wait until my tutorial, and it was only when I entered that I saw the sign. "ITB751 students all classes today are cancelled due to the teacher being sick." UGGGHHHHHH.

It wasn't all bad though, the rain came down when I was walking through the city and I pretended I was in one of those Noir movies I mentioned yesterday. Narrating on everything I saw, I came up with some pretty cool stuff... I think.
"The man in front of me is smoking, I hate smoking, he exhales and fills the air with toxic fumes; only for a second before they dissapeared. I sniffed, it was an illusion, the smoke was still there like all the greatest killers it was invisible and deadly. However, unlike the assassin's blade or the bullet from the snipers gun this killer doesn't kill you instantly. It takes it time, destroying you from the inside."
"To my left there were some poles they were short, green and countless, filling the street like an army of unmoving soldiers. This was the perfect portrayal of humanity, we are all the same"
"The sign had graffiti on it responsible was a force more powerful than an oncoming hurricane it was the degraded youth of the streets. They lived here, begging for food and money, anything to get by. Fortunately for me, I had both."

Lastly I saw a busker today except he was playing a tamborene and I was like what the hell? I mean he had no rythm just making a racquet. I was so tempted just to walk up to him give him a hundred dollars or so and say 'here mate go learn to play guitar."

Random Person I Talked to: Bob
Anyway till tomorrow