Sunday, August 05, 2007

Reagan Smash!

What a busy sunday, sunday is meant to be the day where you chill out and relax, or in just one word just chillax. However, today was not that day. To begin with one of my mates came over and we went out and threw a ball around, being the begining of the baseball it seems only natural that we would do this. Except when we got throwing I saw these kids skipping and boy did I get a killer urge to go play jump rope with them. I'm sure that would of been well recieved, a twenty year old boy playing jump rope.... uggghhh. People would stare, and people would judge, so nay! I shan't jump rope ever!... This is the part where I run away crying.

So from there the day progressed, slowly and horribly, as my dad decided 'I don't want to stay too long at this baseball meeting so I'll bring Dave along' little did he know that I actually had baseball tryouts there this morning. Aside: I'm really not big on trying out, I mean I just play for fun and my enjoyment rather than being all serious about it and I know I'm that good that if they had their way I would be put into a pretty decent team. It continues also when we arrive because since I was a coach last year it's automatically assumed that I'm going to coach this year. Which I was still undecided and still am. So I walk in and the first words I hear is "Hey Dave where were you this morning? Going to coach this year?" and bam! My entire day has just been destroyed. I then had to spend two hours sitting and doing nothing waiting for my dad to do this meeting, which by the way was not fun.

So by the end of it, I was angry to say the least. Not only had my entire day been ruined I am now signed up for coaching as well as expected to be at tryouts. In the car I was fuming, in my usual silent treatment way ofcourse, and here is my dad he must know I'm angry but still he is like 'My quadraceps are a bit tender' and I'm like what the hell old man can't you just let me be angry in piece. No, he had to consume the whole trip home with simple small talk, which on any other day I probably would have enjoyed, but I was not in the mood. Sometimes silence is the best option.

Random Kitchen Appliance: Blender

Anyway till tomorrow

Edit: Sorry bout the later post, I didn't want to write angry. When I do it all comes out like gibberish. D:

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