Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra

Alright, anyone who is easily disgusted just skip to paragraph two because the first paragraph (Spoiler Alert) is about a poo seen in a public toilet today, so big that deserved a mention. Some would say that poo was larger than life.

The term gigantic poo is one that is rarely used, in fact I don't think I've ever used it before. However, today I did see a gigantic poo. Disgusted? I was, this thing was the size of a water melon. I've seen babies smaller than this thing, and they say men don't know the pain of child birth. When I first laid my eyes on it was disgusted, I was outraged that someone had done a gigantic poo in the toilet I was about to use. Though after a while I went from disgust to amazement of the size of it. Oh my god, it was like the size of a two litre bottle of coke. How is that even humanly possible? Maybe it was alien poo.

In other news today we had to choose groups for our business management project I got stuck with asians again(Dammit). Not to say that I don't like asians, quite the opposite actually, but last time I had a group full of asians they did like zero work and whatever they did do was complete rubbish because it came out as gibberish. Which blows chunks, so I was pretty annoyed to get into another completely asian group. Specially when, again, their english is pretty poor. On top of that they arrived forty five minutes late to class and then buggered off forty minutes early. Not a good sign of things to come.

Good things today though include: Having enough time to eat breakfast and a cup of ice coffee, getting an sms from the cutest girl in perth so early in the morning, meeting up with a friend and watch him team kill in battlefield two, and then meeting up with another mate for lunch. Speaking of which check out his band: http://www.myspace.com/drawnrock pretty interesting.

Random Middle Name: Norris
Till Tomorrow


- s ŧ ё ρ ђ ۰۰ said...

David Norris Williams!! Go clean your room. It's a pig sty!


Dubsy said...

hehehe jug to you!
p.s. David Timmothy Norris Williams to you!