Monday, August 06, 2007

This Flower Does Not Belong to Me

Wow, the Wi(lliams)No(rris) film festival has concluded.Me and my aunt watched five movies in a row, these included such titles as: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Donnie Darko, Big Fish, Pan's Labyrinth, and Cowboy Bebop the Movie. Pick of the litter has to go to Big Fish, I hadn't seen it before and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'll admit I had a bit of a teary eye during the ending. Basic overview of the movie is that a father raised his son of these unrealistic stories, however as it goes on the line between reality and fiction fade away. It was extremely well done, and as a personal note I learned something. That is: The most important thing in a story is the details, without them there is no immersion.

Now, for the rotten tomatoe I must say it is Pan's Labyrinth. I was dissapointed to say the least, considering it was so well received by audiences and critics alike. There was alot more violence and brutal behaviour than I anticipated. This movie, to me, seemed more like a piece of art (much like Babel) rather than a movie you would watch over and over again. Again a basic summary; A girl, who is brought up reading fairy tales, is given a chance to join fantasy world but has to pass three trials. The twist comes when we realise she is living during the spanish civil war. The highlight for me was the contrast between the two worlds: The real world this brutally honest place full of pain, betrayal, and discomfort, and then this fantasy was much the same with everything seeming dark, gloomy, and brutal. The fact that she had to choose between two evils was quite fascinating.

Other than that the other three movies were great, Donnie Darko is a real water cooler movie. Makes you ask questions, and got both me and my aunt into some real discussions about what was going on. The animation and action sequences in Advent Children is just out of this world spectacular, if you haven't seen it and love action I advise you check it out. Cowboy Bebop, well it's cowboy bebop what can I say? It's classic anime at it's finest.

I don't really have anything humourous add today since I really didn't watch much else but movies and on top of those five I'm going to simpsons movie in three hours. Crazy Time.

Random Shoe Brand: Brooks

Anyway till tomorrow

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