Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anniversary Special!

Forgive me if I start crying but, you see, today marks a special occasion for this poor ol' blogger. It marks the first of, hopefully, many months of daily blogging and trying to appease friends family and all you other people who I now hate (not really). So far I've had 188 individual views, which for me is insane. I mean honestly who would want to read about me, eh? Must be a bunch of sad sacks. Just kidding, you're alright. For me it's a huge daily morale booster, considering I was trying to use this place as somewhere to start some sort of fan base for my story writing, which by the way has been extremely slow to get going, I really didn't expect to get 10 individual views.

Anyway I'll keep it short today, hope all you folks in brisbane had a good people's day, if not I hope you skipped school/work and had a good day anyway. I know one person who did.

Random Tree: Pine Tree
Till tomorrow

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