Sunday, August 26, 2007

Funny Faces on Magazine Titles

Yesterday I saw Die Hard 4.0...out of ten. Not being a die hard fan (wow dave nice pun, thanks dave you rule, love you, love you more, you little rascal). I missed alot of the whole "reason to watch" thing so I'll break it down into what I liked and didn't like.
- The semi-trailer action sequence
- The two hot ladies... yum yum.
- The guy who did la pakour (aka the hamster).
- The idea of the character John Mclain.

- The demonization of geeks/nerds/ and alike.
- The really really lame bad guy (He didn't even do anything nasty).
- The scene after they come out of the van... there is like 20 different shots through like one scene of dialogue. In one of the shots I don't think the lip syncing matched the dialogue. Which was very off putting for me.
- The whole trying to create suspense when the guy goes to push the delete button... it doesn't take me five minutes to push delete... why should he?
-The way Mclain's character was so retarded, whoever wrote the script should be shot for being a douchebag. Such a good idea for a character but so badly implemented.

Anyway, I talked to my friends they all said it was good. Mainly because they have seen the other movies and they all agree it was good. Mainly for the whole Yippiekai yai Motherfucker. Which was kinda cool, die hard fans won't be dissapointed.

Today's training wasn't so bad, I must be getting fitter... just barely. I'm still a slob.

That's all for today... yay for text.
Random thing to do with Baseball: Home Run
Anyway till tomorrow

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