Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dog Spazz Yipee!

Alright, so today was like two hundred and forty one times better than yesterday... posibly more; but hey who's counting. Except, for the tutorial, and I gotta say 'man I hate unoriginality' well not really just when we are meant to be original. Like today we had to think of a situation for a game to take place, my idea was a football stadium taken over by a terroist group where you have people running and screaming everywhere. Like that's a pretty cool idea, but I wasn't chosen to put forth an idea so I didn't bother.

The people who were though... had this to say:
1. Hell (Wow original concept, haven't seen that in like every game)
2. Level 8 of S Block (Congratulations, you've just located where we are at the moment?)
3. Underground Tunnel (Need I say more?)

So much for being a creative course, aye?

Anyway I've taken it upon myself to call people 'gurt big bird bag' which by all means has no meaning at all. Well, actually, to get technical it's what the mole named Dinny calls owlybeasts and yonder eagles. So yeah, to celebrate finishing it, I have decided that to call people gurt big bird bags. Yipee.

So like tottally awesome, yeah alright?
Random Unoriginal Chump in my Class: Alex
Till Tomorrow

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