Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Well Deserved Morsel

Alright I've had a extremely busy day, and I really don't feel like writing about it... I'm literally exhausted. So instead I'm going to post up something I wrote last night, and hopefully I will continue to write in the near future... Enjoy.

“Excuse me miss, if I were to say that you were beautiful I’m afraid that no matter the intricate metaphor, analogy, or simile I use. I would fall short. For your beauty, there are no such words in our language.” He said, as he dared a smile. It wasn’t like Richard to talk to girls on his own; in fact he hadn’t done so in the last three weeks and it’s not because Richard didn’t like the ladies. It was just that he had no luck when it came to those from the opposite sex, therefore, never daring to get involved. This all dated back to the third grade, when he told Mary Peckerwitz that he had a thing for her. Which they both should of seen coming, always talking, hanging around each other. She said no, without hesitation, and it was right then and there that Richard was forced to face the reality of life; like a passenger tossed overboard from the ship of dreams into the cold bitter waters of human drama.

“Well, aren’t you awfully kind for a stranger?” She replied, to the untrained eye she looked like any other asian lady who graced the earth with her presence. To Richard, she appeared an angel that had fallen from yonder star. Her hair was dark, moody yet soft; it had been straightened thoroughly and now it flowed from its roots gracefully like a rush water heading down stream. Her brown eyes shone out reminiscent of a refurbished light house, warm and loving, welcoming all those who were fated to look. She was covered from head to foot with soft toned skin, a gift given to her from her parents and at this moment Richard wanted to find them and thank them.

Random Thing I Learned Today: Polygons Suck

Till Tomorrow

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Wow.. :o
I'm amazed at how well that came out.
Great writing, hope you finish the story so I can see what happens at the end x]