Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Underwater Monkey Pants

Another early morning... ugh when will they stop! Although I'm happy to report another fantastic day in the life of Dave. However I couldn't help but to notice that in this fantastic life of Dave that everyone was wearing a place name and year shirt. To be honest I was actually lost at the time I did notice this. So as I was watching the first guy passed "New York 03", I wonder where he is going I thought, the next guy passed "Tokyo 06", that's funny he doesn't look japanese, and then the third guy passed "Middle Earth forever" at this guy I chuckled because I thought that's what most people from my class would wear, so on that hunch I decided to follow him. Three minutes later we arrived.

Have you ever been in the situation where someone says "Your Funny" and your like "umm... ugh thanks?" Happens to me all the time, well not really but it did happen once so my point is still valid. As I was saying, I'm really (really really) bad at taking compliments. It's like you want to kill a conversation with me just go "Hey Dave you have a nice ass" and I'll be gobsmacked. I'm sure other people are the same, it's just so weird to hear people talk positive. (Here I go back on my soap box) There is too much negativity in the world at the moment I mean, death, destruction, famine, disease. It's all I hear about on the radio, tv and other forms of media. Frankly I'm boycotting the whole thing, I don't listen or read anything but sports now-a-days.

Ok, finally pet peeve for the day, errors in book. During my break, all three hours worth, I spent it reading my book Redwall, and really I got too immersed in the book and let my imagination get the best of me, because I laughed aloud, cringed, smiled, and other things one shouldn't be seen done alone. Anyway what annoyed me was there was a mistake, not just a small mistake like its instead of it's or something like that. It was the main characters name, I was shocked it was like someone had shook me hard. Like my mum trying to wake me up in the morning. All of my mental images of a heroic mouse were lost with the missing s on his name. So yeah I was annoyed.

Random Limb: Leg

Anyway till tommorrow

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